Gone Casual

I can't exaggerate how lazy my last few days have been. I've achieved a bit of meadering around town, listening to some music and watching loads of movies and tv shows. My folks gave me three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD.

I must admit I am feeling good though, particular because yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to head to the Red Cross and donate some of my liquid red stuff. Far less painful experience than I anticipated and the people in the centres are incredibly grateful - especially around this time of year - where donations drop off significantly and hospitals are needing more blood than ever. You don't need money to help save some lives!
Please click the links to find out more and if you're from a Nation not listed please utilise google and find out where you can donate.

Anywho this is an extremely casual outfit in a sunny, blurred out setting.

dress, American Apparel
cardigan, SES
jeans, Kmart
clogs, Funkis
sunglasses, Paddys Markets


Christmas Eve

Just finished baking one of my favourite Christmas treats, a white chocolate, ginger and macadamia slice, and decided to run upstairs in the blustering wind to capture my outfit. Another pair of 5 dollar sunglasses and my early Christmas present from the darling man, these nude Funkis clogs. I'm really crazy about them but I must admit, they prove a little difficult to walk in. Gratefully I met a friend who also had a pair last week and she mentioned that if I persevere they'll begin to be more comfortable. So I press on! Can't get enough of these clogs so I thinking you'll all be seeing alot more of them.

So finally it's Christmas Eve. Time to get celebrating the value of my family and friends - with copious amounts of food and drink... tomorrow I'm giving myself free reign, away from my regular healthy (and occasionally boring) diet. Im going to enjoy it SO much.

Merry Christmas to all of you! XOXO

dress, Vintage
belt, Vintage
clogs, Funkis from Miljo
sunglasses, Paddys Market

Single Man

I'm a huge movie fan and I absolutely can not wait to see Tom Ford make his directorial debut with this new film starring the debonair Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. Judging by the screen shots and the trailer its going to be visually spectacular, making exquisite use of costuming (styled very Kennedy-era) and light, scenery and cinematography. After all it's Tom Ford - the man is a genius when it comes to aesthetics!



Self Portrait 8

So heres another one - this is actually an edit from that same few self portraits I shot a couple months ago, with the Christopher Kane for Topshop pink dress.  I initially didn't like this shot, I felt this pose was a bit  contrived (the hand! Urgh) and the picture was a little out of focus - but I wanted to practice some techniques so I decided to give it a chance.
Hope you like!


Creature Feature

I'm so humbled to be featured in the Article in Cleo magazine - its such a brilliant issue too - the editorials are outstanding. I love that Cleo is among the few Australian magazines championing a more realistic idea of what it is to be a woman, not only in the recent few months where talk has increased about the shocking 'emaciated' trend flouted on the major runways at fashionweek around the world but consistently over the years. Delighted also to be alongside Lisa from LeeseLooks, my blogging buddy right from the start - love her and her polished look!
Thanks Cleo xoxo

(sorry about the bad scan, its the best I've got!)

I also have to make mention that one of my go-to sites for fashion news FabSugar has landed on Australian shores! FabSugar Australia is up and running which is great for all my fellow style lovers down-under, nice to see a excellent piece of clothing pop up in a blog and actually having it accessible to buy - damn you exorbitant shipping costs!!

3 sleeps to Christmas!!!


Lazy Girl

Quick sunday afternoon outfit post, mostly because I purchased these mean looking sunnies at Paddy's Markets on the way home from a job - for the bargain basement price of $5. I'm a big advocate of spending not alot of money on sunglasses because I seem to lose them constantly. Theres no doubt in my mind, as soon as I purchase a precious pair of Karen Walkers or Issons or a swell pair of Graz' by Chronicles of Never - they are going to belong to the next lucky sucker who happens across where ever I have misplaced them.
Didn't quite capture the true beauty of this Wrangler knit - its backless - but theres something to be send about dressing comfortably. I'm a huge fan of slouchy tops and trackpants.
Christmas is right around the corner! All I want from Santa this year is books - you can never have too many stories.

knit, Wrangler
tee, Topshop
trackpants, Kmart
shoes, Mollini
sunglasses, Paddys Markets


Not Winter

Obviously I'm not exactly experiencing a chill down under - but my pending trip to Germany has inspired to begin the search for my ideal winter coat. Its so important to find the right one because a good coat gets loads of wear time. Perusing the pre-fall collections I sorted out some of my favourites, particularly loving the cheque DVF and the broad-collared Pringle and Rachel Roy coats - modelled by my friend, the beautiful Charlotte Lohmann!


Zanita 4 Stylestalker


My pics for stylestalker.... a little inconsistant, the top is a self portrait, the bottom two were taken by my boyfriend.  Hold out for my shots of beautiful Bel from LoveMore for the next seasons show stopping range.

Hope you're all enjoying the Holiday Season!!!

You can grab all these pieces on the website.

Edit: I'm so stupid - I just noticed that the red dress I've featured in posts below actually isn't available on the website... I'm so sorry!!! I thought it was, but it turns out right now its only available in selected stores Australia wide.


The Stroller

This is one of the outfits to be featured in Cleo which I be posting later in the week but I've decided to include the high resolution image now because its one of my favourites. It's so fun to wear these orange culottes, they are showstoppers. Paired with my loose skeleton singlet from Stylestalker, I'm really feeling this summery flowing look.
I'm presently still in WA and having an incredible time with my family, we had a Christmas dinner followed by a surprise 21st for my little sis who is moving to Canada at the end of the month. Nothing is more important that your loved ones at this time of year. I'm so happy right now, its so peaceful to be here.
I did get a few awesome gifts, including an entire 3 seasons of Arrested Development and a Babuska doll as mySecret Santa gift. We do a Secret Santa every year in my family because there are so many of us - it's just ridiculous to buy for everyone, besides, Christmas is about love and overeating!

skeleton singlet, Stylestalker
culottes, vintage
heels, Office


Lady Rouge

I've got an article coming out in Cleo magazine this month featuring four outfits. I originally styled five - so here's the one that didn't make the cut for the magazine. Subscribers should have the issue in their hands already but I'll be posting and scanning the article in a couple days. I'm currently posting from the airport in Perth, headed home to Esperance for a few days to celebrate my family Christmas - I'm lucky enough to be getting a double dose of festivities this season! One with my mans family, one with mine. Tis the season!!! This incredible red dress is available in black and white on the stylestalker website but I've been lucky enough to score a sample in red - I'm feeling a seasonal kind of old school glamour!

heels, irregular choice


Hey Sydney!

Heres a couple shots my from shoot on Saturday for German magazine, Freundin. I was shooting with Aussie photographer Paul Westlake - and such an awesome crew. The weather was perfect and everyone was really upbeat, though it was a long day it didn't feel like work because I had the opportunity to jump around and smile alot, which is my favourite kind of modelling. Its hard to view a day like this as work when I'm giggling and smiling all day for the photos.
I can't really take the time to take more photos at this kind of shoot where I'm the only model because I'm always the centre of focus and there isn't really any time for personal pursuits like my own photography. The producer Omie graciously shot these few for me,  I love this view of Sydney from Dudley st - a perfect panorama of the skyline.


Leap Frog

Theres certain knack to getting good jumping shots. Its all about timing and focus. Firstly, you must keep focus on your expression, I always tend to open my mouth and end up looking surprised or clenching my fists and look like I'm springing for attack. There's so many variables when you leap that most of the shots don't turn out - for example with these shots I can see dozens of flaws, hands out of focus, hair not flowing quite right etc etc etc. These shots are just for my blog though, not for V mag, so I'm not exactly going to be spending hours getting that perfect image. In the last pic my face looks really weird, my neck too elongated... but I love the leap - I'm really going for it! I don't really use alot of energy in each jump, its got to be short and sharp and usually needs to be snapped around the zenith of the leap. Its alot of fun - one of my favourite moods to shoot at a job. Energy!!!

This outfit is playing it safe with monotones. When in doubt - go back to basics! The circle scarf is my latest treasure from American Apparel. I thought I wouldn't get a chance to wear it in the warmer weather but it was fairly cool this morning and it makes for a great cardigan.

Thanks so very much to Chicisimo for naming my outfit Best of the Week. Chicisimo is an excellent repository for all things street style and style diary blogging - check it out!

My recent interview with Tangent Mag blog is now up - you can view it here
Issue 2 will be available online on the 9th December. If you're around in Sydney here's the invite to the launch party - available to my readers only!!!

Finally - I'm sure you might have noticed by the pink little box on the left that I've been nominated for a 2threads award, I'd love it if you could take the time to give me a vote or two - if you dub me worthy!

skirt, Stylestalker sample
heels, ASOS

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