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Wouldn't be amazing if all magazines were available online, and we didnt have to pay a cent to read them? Sort of. I've recently read alot of articles which make reference to this magazine vs blog phenomenon and in my opinion the two go in hand. Many bloggers wouldn't have an interest in fashion if it weren't for the stunning editorial images sent out to the world via the magazine industry and blogs can never replace magazines, its just so much more beautiful to see a Greg Kadel or Camilla Akrans shoot on paper. I guess there's many views to be shared on the issue, I was wondering what opinions everyone out there has developed after being immersed in the blog experience?

All this being said - I do know of a great magazine available online, Tangent Mag. Want to get more editorial for your buck each month? Go HERE ---> WWW.TANGENTMAG.COM There's possibly an ed featuring yours truly...

(pic, Georges Antoni in Tangent Mag)


Roxanne said...

I'd have to agree with you Zanita..Like the chicken and the be honest i love both equally! I think magazines are tangible and can be taken anywhere (including the ladies room for inspiration) plane, train, bus. For blogs on the other hand although it's free you require a computer or an iphone or some sort of device...anyhoo

just my two cents worth

have you seen topshop at Incu yet?

have a lovely weekend:)

Hanna said...

I like reading blogs, but I think I'd much rather read magazines on paper rather than online.

The Lady Nerd said...

I agree as well. Granted, I also use magazines as art references. It saves me from having to print the pictures off myself (which is a serious pain - the colours never come out right, the paper doesn't hold the ink, it bleeds, etc.). There is something truly wonderful about seeing these full-fledged editorials on real, tangible paper.

With that being said, I think blogs are a great addition TO magazines. On blogs I get to see different peoples' takes on the fashion they see in the magazine. Sometimes things from the articles don't necessarily work on all people. The blogs give variety.

Magazines are the foundation. Blogs are the add-ons.

reckless daughter said...

I agree! this argument is very confusing to me because I post at least one or two eds a month on my blog AND I get endless inspiration from the magazines in my mailbox or my local newsstand every month!

I don't believe it's a case of either/or.

Luxe. said...

I know personally I got into fashion by seeing gorgeous editorials but paying for magazines is a pain. They should make them cheaper then more people would buy them and they wouldnt loose any money! .x

Marina said...

I don't think either take away from another. Blogs only enhance what mags say, and mags are able to pull inspiration from blogs. So, I would say that they are both equally vital.

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