Pink Power

The Christopher Kane for Topshop dress in its full glory. This dress is such a showstopper - I'm actually a little nervous about leaving the house in it! Possible a good halloween outfit, suits a go-go dancer!

My gorgeous boyfriend bought me a brand new lens for my camera and it is epic. Can't wait to see how my shoots go from now on, hopefully my picture quality will continue to improve.

dress, Christopher Kane for Topshop
jacket, Rachel Gilbert

Mag & Blog

Wouldn't be amazing if all magazines were available online, and we didnt have to pay a cent to read them? Sort of. I've recently read alot of articles which make reference to this magazine vs blog phenomenon and in my opinion the two go in hand. Many bloggers wouldn't have an interest in fashion if it weren't for the stunning editorial images sent out to the world via the magazine industry and blogs can never replace magazines, its just so much more beautiful to see a Greg Kadel or Camilla Akrans shoot on paper. I guess there's many views to be shared on the issue, I was wondering what opinions everyone out there has developed after being immersed in the blog experience?

All this being said - I do know of a great magazine available online, Tangent Mag. Want to get more editorial for your buck each month? Go HERE ---> WWW.TANGENTMAG.COM There's possibly an ed featuring yours truly...

(pic, Georges Antoni in Tangent Mag)


CK Pink

Another Christopher Kane for Topshop piece. He's one of my favourite designers right now - I'm going to get a good shot of the whole dress within the next few days, I was just wearing it while I practiced taking head shots. Its so hard to get my head in frame when taking self portraits, also the focus is tough to master because I'm using Dan's lens again and it doesn't have autofocus when attached to my D60. I usually prop a stool in position where Im going to stand, focus on the stool, then remove and stand in place. My face is slightly dissimilar to a wooden stool so often the photos are totally bung and out of focus. I like the results of this endeavour though. Colour my world Christopher Kane!!!

dress, Christopher Kane for Topshop

Self Portrait 7

Nothing like black and white photographs.
I've been practising taking headshots, I know it seems strange how my eyes are closed in this shot, I had some with my eyes open - I decided it has a better mood this way.


Coming Soon

This AMAZING singlet is brought to you by me from stylestalker. I get to give you all a preview - should be available for sale in a few days and I'll be sure to give you a heads up. Hope you like!

singlet, stylestalker
harem pants, sportsgirl
boots, nine west


Graphical Mathematical

So as promised I also have featured my new graphic bodycon skirt from Topshop, along with my new watercolour tights from American Apparel. I love to mix prints, clash colours. I've simplified this duo with my raben heels and a skivvy. All in all a bit sexy, which is pretty out of character for me, I'm really just a bit of a goober. That's the fun part of modelling, getting into the character of an outfit at a shoot. I love it when I'm at a shoot and after hair and make-up I'm totally transformed into somebody else. Like Beyonce and her "Sasha Fierce".

top, metalicus
skirt, Topshop
tights, American Apparel
heels, Raben


New Piece

Today I'm celebrating my topshop parcel arriving this morning - you never get tired of parcels arriving on your doorstep. I've been in a great mood all morning. I also have a great grey and yellow graphic mini to wear tomorrow, tonight I'll be dreaming of the ways to style it.
Rainy weather makes my hair so bouffant and curly.

shirt, Christopher Kane for Topshop
jeans, wrangler
cape, Carissima
heels, Irregular choice


Self Portrait 6

This is not so much a self portrait (Evan took this shot) but more of my own work sampling different photo filters and sharpening masks to create a mood in an image. I love the uneven light in this shot.
I'm hoping to start shooting other models soon, will be so much more satisfying to shoot pictures of someone else. It probably sounds a little absurd coming from a girl who takes alot of pictures of herself for various endeavors but I really do get sick of my own look. My face has been overexposed to myself as a photographer! Ridiculous, yes.


Bronte Beach

Spent a delightful hour in the sun at Bronte Beach this afternoon, any longer and no doubt I'll turn into a 5'11 lobster woman - forgot to bring the sunscreen, which is a big no-no in the scorching Australian sun. I've been alabaster for sometime now and my skin thanks me for it but we can always indulge in a little Vitamin D. Thanks again Evan for taking my pictures and also to my friend Billie, who created my sweet new header - saving me a chore! :)

shirt, Cotton On
Shorts, Vintage
Sunglasses, Jigsaw
thongs, havianas


Spot Light

As I reported on my twitter, I've been trying to shoot some outfit posts over the weekend but with my other lens not having autofocus its pretty difficult to attempt a solo operation. My darling boyfriend took these shots for me, some of them a little out of focus but I dont mind, sometimes its a little romantic, blurs over the flaws.
My box I posted from the UK a few months ago finally arrived - which means I have brand new shoes to wear! These white sneaker heels are perfect with my shorts from Peter Alexander, which are actually boxers, but so perfect for summer days, very breezy.

I really need to come up with a new header.

shorts, Peter Alexander
Woodstock singlet, Peel
shirt, RVCA
heels, ASOS


Simple Comforts

Today began with glorious sunshine which would have been perfect conditions for shooting but I was running errands untill mid afternoon and when I finally got around to snapping these shots the weather had completely turned around. Blustering insanely I could only spend 15 minutes shooting these before the weather got out of control. I've been using my flatmates lens and I'm in love with it. Thing is, it doesnt have auto focus which makes it really difficult to get clear shots when I'm alone. I focus these images on a stool and then move it out of the way... doesn't quite work. But I'm hoping to take my time next session and get some killer images.
This outfit is not that interesting, but a good indicator of my day to day wear, simple and comfortable. Lose denim cut-offs and sheer nude blouse.
Back to a hot cup of rose and vanilla tea!

shirt, carla zampatti
short, vintage trent nathan


Sheer Delight

This is supposed to say Valentino ^ whoops

So much sheer gauzy darkness floating on this seasons catwalks, had to feature a few examples to highlight this trend. Perfect excuse to pick up another one of those brilliant sheer shirts from American Apparel, so versatile. I want sheer harem pants too.... Sorry for these being a tad blurry.



Cry Baby

Another outfit post - this ensemble is inspired by the movie Cry Baby, with young Johnny Depp, the rock'n'roll of the 50's. Wearing a smokey eye in these shots, something new, I usually don't wear any make-up.
cry baby drapes Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm a sucker for musicals - been getting obsessed with Glee lately, the girls vs boys episode, the mashups, the vivid colours and lighting, Jane Lynch. So great.

jacket, C&S leather
shirt, vintage
skirt, vintage
heels, raben shoes


Atlantis Aesthetic

So floored by Alexander McQueen, he just gets better and better. Cant wait to see some of these designs in editorials.


Fold & Pin

I've been collecting some images from the last show season of a few emerging trends - this one being the trend where all the excess fabric not used from the body con trend has been utilised in folding, bows, ruffles, twists and ties - elaborate constructions. The fabric is sheer, light, lumious. The effect is... totally elegant, beautiful - and expensive. My favourite is Lanvin... more dreams.



Major Kane

I love Christopher Kane. I want to own one of his scolloped dresses from Spring 09 so badly. He's a genius.
This dress is obviously from his range at Topshop - my friend Juno said he thought it was hideous and I have to say its endeared me even more so to its aggressive design. Very 'belle laide'. Its a present from my friend Susie - I'm SO lucky. She's so good to me.
I was going to shoot it styled in a different way but I've come inside for hour to have a snack and its gone from blue skies to thunderstorm. So much rain! Its not doing favours to my hair, which curls and frizzes outrageously as soon as the sky hints at drizzling. Finally got my roots touched up, my regrowth was approaching chronic. The folks at Wildlife always do such a fanatastic job - If anyone needs a good hairdresser in Sydney, Wildlife is the place to go.

shoes, Mollini
dress, Christopher Kane for Topshop
jacket, Kmart


Hey Sophia

Would have so much confidence wearing any of these dresses plus heels at a casting.... fashion dreams.... Courtesy of Sophia Kokosalaki. Wearing any of these dresses I could float into the room. Divine.

P.S. How amazing is Jacquelyn Jablonski, in the black. Hottest new face, such an elegant beauty.

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