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Leah left a comment in the last post requesting I spill some juice on what kind of products Hair and Make-Up artists use backstage at the major shows at fashion week. While I've never been to New York, Paris or Milan - I've worked with hundreds of artists in London, Sydney, Hamburg and Auckland over a few years and it seems to me that I can certainly make a few generalisations about the kind of products they use regularly.

Make-Up is probably the easiest, most Make-up artists kits are based around M.A.C. products, partly because M.A.C give generous discounts to industry types (even models!) and partly because they have the largest and most accessible range of colours available.
I guess I'll start from the base up - remember I'm mentioning these products because I've noticed these being applied to my face over and over!

Most common moisturiser make-up artists use, Keihls Creme De Corp

Lip balm, Lucas PawPaw (Australia) or Carmex

Foundation - I have fairly clear skin so I usually just have M.A.C. Face and Body, but Armani and Shu Uemura both have fantastic foundations I seen used regularly.

Blush - cream blushes from M.A.C or Stila, powder from M.A.C. or Chanel. I know plenty of models use Benefit blushes too, probably something to do with the cute packaging.

Eyeliner - always the liner in the pot from M.A.C, but you need to develop your skill in applying it.

Pencils - again, M.A.C but sometimes the chubby pencils from NARS or Stila

Eye shadow - Definately M.A.C. their range is enormous! Occasionally Chanel

Mascara - Maybelline, Lancome or Dior... sometimes M.A.C.

Bronzers - Guerlain makes the best but M.A.C. does great powder for contouring.

Body Bronzer - M.A.C. Face and Body or ModelCo

Lipsticks - M.A.C. again, they have so much to choose from - or Bobbi Brown

Concealer - YSL Touche Eclat or Bobbi Brown and... M.A.C.

Nail Polish - YSL, O.P.I. or M.A.C.

Finishing/freshening spray (like a sealant) by M.A.C. or Jurlique

Brushes, all M.A.C - this foundation brush in particular is an essential

Make-Up Remover, if a make-up artist can get their hands on the elusive Bioderma Crealine H20, they'll be using that, otherwise its Lancome, M.A.C. or L'Oreal.

I know I've missed alot here, pigment, lip gloss, base, eye brows etc but if you just take a trip down to your nearest M.A.C. stockist you should find everything you need! If I have missed anything important please let me know, I'll make an edit.

Hair is a little more difficult to generalise because there are just so many different kinds of products everywhere I go and alot of stylists are affliated to one label. Also, I have zero interest in hair stylists and what they use because as soon as they start to apply burning heat and tease my fragile locks I tune out - so as to not become a barking dog before the end of the day, watching my hair fall off my scalp strand by strand.
Here's what I can recommend....
Bumble and Bumble products are used frequently (you can buy these in Mecca Cosmetica in Australia)
texturiser, salt spray, etc etc
Elnet hairspray
GHD straigtener
Babyliss ceramic curling irons
Kevin Murphy is an australian hairdresser who makes some great products I've seen used around Sydney and Alan White supplies the very best hair extensions in Australia.

I'm sorry I couldnt be any more help with the hair!


cocorosa said...

Love this post! thanks for the insider make-up scoops :)

White Tea & Wild Horses said...

Thanks so much for posting these! Do you find that there is a big difference in products and the way that makeup is applied for shoots as opposed to runway? And are there a lot of tricks and products makeup artists use that work on camera that would just look ridiculous and "piled on" in real life?

Love love love your blog :) Keep posting and taking photos!

Sarah said...

great post!! You should check out Amy Nadine's blog if you haven't already- she lists all the products she uses on Lauren Conrad etc.

Anonymous said...

Love this!

geisharock said...

yay i've been buying the right brand makeup then :) i love MAC so much. i'll definitely be trying out the kiehls moisturiser. thanks for the tips, great post! xoxo

Luna Supernova said...

haha this is very handy, I'm clueless when it comes to makeup, I think i'm going to have a look for that moisturiser. Are you doing anything for NZ fashion week this year?

Emilie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your insider make-up tips!!!!!! Great post!

Zanita said...

white tea: the key difference between show make-up and shoot make-up is that for shows, the make-up is stronger and more exaggerated so that it seems more subtle in the lights of the catwalk. On camera, particularly with digital, all the tiny details stand out so make-up must be perfect.

luna supernova: Not going to New Zealand fashion week... its hard to make enough money in NZ for it to worth it.

Isa said...

thanks so much for this post, it's so interesting to get a backstage view.
and I can totally feel you on the hair, when I'm doing theatre, they always do so much backcombing etc. I'm always afraid I will be left completely bald.


Emilie said...

The KIEHL'S Crème de Corps is amazing!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

That post was really interesting, thanks! I'm really curious if that makeup remover is that exceptional, because it's quite expensive I never got around to try it.


leeselooks said...

love it. ALL.

have always been jumbo MAC fan!
use kiehls creme de corps lightweight w/ spf 30 ( NOTHNG beats it!)
ORDERED lucas paw paw a few months back and carry a tube with me everywhere!
actually in the market for a new foundation... so will check out armani + shu
touche eclat = staple in my bag
i'm bad with hair- i use any old cheap shampoo!

yay. loved this post!
getting let in on secrets is always fun.

hope you are well beauty


heleen said...

ah this pushed me over the edge - i NEED to find a decent MAC stockist nearby.

Juliet said...

You have a real nice blog! It's nice to read fashion from model's point of view!

juliet xxx

Jillian said...

amen sister! touche eclat is a freaking life saver!!!

liz. said...

Thank you so much for this post! It's great to know what they use 'behind the scenes' and reassuring to know that i've been buying the right things haha :)
Care to swap links? I've started a new blog (i had a previous blog and i remember mentioning you on it about how i saw you at the fashion show at UTS...i doubt you'd remember but you looked amazing and walked very well).

Keep up the great work and keep taking photos because you're amazing at it :)

Midnight traveller said...

You must be working hard but I MISS YOUR POSTS!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i find that B&B products are too pricy here in Oz

Wrecked Stellar said...

Great insight into their products- thanks for doing that!!

x ws x

The Lady Nerd said...

I'm curious - do the make-up artists allow you to bring/use your own foundation if need be? I've had my make-up done by M.A.C. on two runway shows and both times my skin has broken out horribly. (I've also used some of their samples with the same reaction). I would just hate to step on any artist's toes...

I echo the other ladies here in saying, thanks for the post! It was very informative.

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