Life Sunday

(pics - Adam Flipp)
I didn't get a chance to take any outfit pics this weekend but I have a couple pictures here from Sunday Life, shot on the same day as the post previous but featuring in the following weekend. Amazing how a few simple changes in lighting and composition can completely alter the mood of shoot. I love the hair! Michelle McQuilliam was the hairstylist for both shoots.
The leather jacket is by Saba and the top jacket is by Cue, along with the gold vest and sequin trousers. Cue has had a bundle of great pieces in their latest collection instore, I've been pining over a tartan mini and stripped blazer... so perfect with a white tee.



Frazoa, Filipa said...

I'm totally in love about your hair!
You look GREAT!

leeselooks said...

freakin AMAZING.

the styling is spot on!



Jess said...

what a beautiful shoot! and that jacket is awesome, wish i could have it too!

Anonymous said...


Noa said...

You look amazing!!
and the hair is indeed great
those shots are awesome!!

Hook The Look

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Love the ruffle detail on the back of the first jacket! You look stunning in these photos!!!

siguemiestilo said...

You are very, very beautiful.
I adore your pictures, are amazing!
Congratulations ;)

Platform Princess said...

I have the exact same leather jacket from Zara... uncanny. Anyway, you look great doll.

PP x

Isa said...

the hair!
the leather jacket!
your EYES!

wow, I think this is my favourite out of all your shootings I've seen, it's just beautiful, sexy and mysterious all at the same time.
you're a great model.


Maggie said...

The 1st two jackets are amazing. I love ur hairdo n makeup too!

Fashion Tidbits said...

you have totally beautiful brows zanita

FriendInFashion said...

You look A M A Z I N G! Love the hair

LoveMore said...

i loooove this! look at your EYES! wowzer. incredible.

gorgeous as always!!

xxx bel

June Paski said...

yah ur hairs is so cool
and I want that saba jacket >.<


Maria C said...

The jacket in the first photo is epic!
I would love to see what it looks like front on.
As always Z, you are gorgeous!

Romina Llaguno said...

i love yous blog!
you're so beautiful and you look amazing!

Tough Cookie said...


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos! love that first blazer!

Ann said...

god, i want those jackets.

Carolina Botelho said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! u look STUNNING!! loveeee this pic's!

caylee said...

i love the feeling of these pictures; you are so right about just a few quick changes and you have a completely different photograph.

Kelly said...

Haha yeah I live behind my desk in Tas. People always think i'm Melbourne/Sydney based. The power of the internet these days!
And the CR and the DK. Yes, kindred spirits it seems.
Super keen to see your interpretation of her Interview shoot! I actually think you look a little like DK - that red lip shot especially.

Kelly said...

P.S I want that stripey blazer too!

♥ fashion chalet said...

The prettiest PHOTOS of you EVER. WOW, I am totally speechless!


Zanita said...

You guys are the greatest :)

Emilie said...

Beautiful shoot! Love the leather jacket!

Lauren said...

That hair is the best. Great styling!

KIddo said...

You have some amazing photos x

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