Home Times

The internet at my parents place is so problematic, seems to only work about half the time. I took these shots a few days ago but have been unable to post them. I'm one frustrated blogger!
I can't lay any claim to being particularly stylish in any of these shots, what I was really aiming for here is some nice images that my Mum would like of me around the family property. Most of clothing I'm wearing is the stuff I found at the local op-shop, except the white Stylestalker shirt, but I didnt bring any accessories or shoes to complete a well-styled outfit so I'll try and get some nicer shots with my new pieces when I get home. For now I'm aiming for a calm country feel - practicing making good use of difference locations and creating mood.
I've had a few queries about my camera so to let you all know again, I use a Nikon D60, complete with tripod and sometime featured remote.


Sun & Kitty

How peaceful to stand in a field with the sun shining and my beautiful kitty, Lily, purring around my legs. Since I've moved away from home she's been living with my folks and I miss her and her brother Bright Eyes so much, wish they could live with me in Sydney but I'm constantly packing my bags and leaving, too unreliable.
I recieved this adorable denim bubble skirt courtesy of the people at and DKNY Jeans. I love the pockets! You can find this little number at
This is my submission to the DKNY Break The Rules competition. If any of you think my outfit is 'Breaking the Rules' and worthy of a vote I'd definately appreciate it if you took the time to give me a plug HERE. I'd be so grateful for your support!

skirt, DKNY Jeans
scarf worn as top (bit risque of me!), from India
kimono, vintage - from Japan
hat, Roxy
sandals, Williams shoes


Berlin Calling

Gush chanel! And those damaging heels.

token self portrait!

After arriving safely in Esperance I'm yet to find a chance to snap some new pictures because the weather has been horrendous, I can't believe I've landed in this place of wind and rain after expecting beautiful summer days like we've been enduring in Sydney. Still, I'm aiming to be a little more consistant with content on my blog so I searched my photo archives and found a few snaps which I neglected to post whilst I was residing in London, from a trip I had to Berlin shooting an ed for Brigitte with Ozgur Albayrak . The weather was sparkling and the shoot was in and around Berlin's epic landmarks. I got a few good shots at the Brandenburg Gate - while shooting here around the columns a guard approached the team asking us to move along. The concern was my heels - they could damage the columns! I found this a little ironic, the gate being a key survivor among the ruins of WWII built around 200 years ago. Thankfully we managed a few shots before we were shundled along. It's always fun to shoot with another model and when I first met Renata I intially thought it was her twin sister Agata whom I had met in Australia! We both share an interest in photography and it was pretty amusing to see the two of us tagging along with Ozgur, swinging along our jumbo cameras and snapping each other. I think one of the shots featured in the mag was of Renata pretending to be a tourist with her camera, so cute! I had an incredible time hanging out with the crew in such an inspiring location. So so lucky...

Hope I can take some nice pictures tomorrow, Esperance is a really beautiful place.

Thanks for sticking round!


One Trend

Rebecca Taylor, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor, Proenza Schouler

Zac Posen, Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler, Charlotte Ronson, Alexander Wang

Currently on a plane to WA but had to automate this post - I have been watching the shows intently and I'll do another feature on my favourite trends soon - but I love this silhouette. So sweet and suitable for many body-types. Great with fabulous heels.

all pics,


Self Portrait 6

Another self portrait, this one is more or less an attempt on some overlaying in photoshop. Still needs work, i'd make it a little tidier if I could do it over. I'm lagging on the blog updates again - I'm really sorry! I've been away the last few days at my boyfriends family reunion in the country so being a fashionista hasn't been so practical. Tomorrow I'm flying back to my hometown for two weeks, I'm hoping for some stellar finds in the local Op-Shop and taking some nice photos at the unbelievable beaches in and around Esperance.

Thanks so much to La Mimi for my interview and vastly cool montage of my pictures, La Mimi is my new favourite source for finding other inspirational bloggers - go there now and check out Natalie Off Duty - and celebrity style and make-up trends. I love Mimi's site!


The Secrets

Leah left a comment in the last post requesting I spill some juice on what kind of products Hair and Make-Up artists use backstage at the major shows at fashion week. While I've never been to New York, Paris or Milan - I've worked with hundreds of artists in London, Sydney, Hamburg and Auckland over a few years and it seems to me that I can certainly make a few generalisations about the kind of products they use regularly.

Make-Up is probably the easiest, most Make-up artists kits are based around M.A.C. products, partly because M.A.C give generous discounts to industry types (even models!) and partly because they have the largest and most accessible range of colours available.
I guess I'll start from the base up - remember I'm mentioning these products because I've noticed these being applied to my face over and over!

Most common moisturiser make-up artists use, Keihls Creme De Corp

Lip balm, Lucas PawPaw (Australia) or Carmex

Foundation - I have fairly clear skin so I usually just have M.A.C. Face and Body, but Armani and Shu Uemura both have fantastic foundations I seen used regularly.

Blush - cream blushes from M.A.C or Stila, powder from M.A.C. or Chanel. I know plenty of models use Benefit blushes too, probably something to do with the cute packaging.

Eyeliner - always the liner in the pot from M.A.C, but you need to develop your skill in applying it.

Pencils - again, M.A.C but sometimes the chubby pencils from NARS or Stila

Eye shadow - Definately M.A.C. their range is enormous! Occasionally Chanel

Mascara - Maybelline, Lancome or Dior... sometimes M.A.C.

Bronzers - Guerlain makes the best but M.A.C. does great powder for contouring.

Body Bronzer - M.A.C. Face and Body or ModelCo

Lipsticks - M.A.C. again, they have so much to choose from - or Bobbi Brown

Concealer - YSL Touche Eclat or Bobbi Brown and... M.A.C.

Nail Polish - YSL, O.P.I. or M.A.C.

Finishing/freshening spray (like a sealant) by M.A.C. or Jurlique

Brushes, all M.A.C - this foundation brush in particular is an essential

Make-Up Remover, if a make-up artist can get their hands on the elusive Bioderma Crealine H20, they'll be using that, otherwise its Lancome, M.A.C. or L'Oreal.

I know I've missed alot here, pigment, lip gloss, base, eye brows etc but if you just take a trip down to your nearest M.A.C. stockist you should find everything you need! If I have missed anything important please let me know, I'll make an edit.

Hair is a little more difficult to generalise because there are just so many different kinds of products everywhere I go and alot of stylists are affliated to one label. Also, I have zero interest in hair stylists and what they use because as soon as they start to apply burning heat and tease my fragile locks I tune out - so as to not become a barking dog before the end of the day, watching my hair fall off my scalp strand by strand.
Here's what I can recommend....
Bumble and Bumble products are used frequently (you can buy these in Mecca Cosmetica in Australia)
texturiser, salt spray, etc etc
Elnet hairspray
GHD straigtener
Babyliss ceramic curling irons
Kevin Murphy is an australian hairdresser who makes some great products I've seen used around Sydney and Alan White supplies the very best hair extensions in Australia.

I'm sorry I couldnt be any more help with the hair!


Electric Avenue

Finally got around to shooting part of my American Apparel editorial, when I started out the shoot the sun was shining gloriously, then it became overcast, then it started to rain... so I had to call it a day. Ill shoot the rest of it when I catch a spare moment and some sunshine. I'm wearing an Avon eyeliner on my lips and have darkened my brows, I had planned on gelling all my hair down but I think I'll save it for next time.
I finally bought some new heels, at the bargain basement price of $50 from Raben shoes. I remember wearing these particular heels in a shoot when I first moved to Sydney but at the time didn't have the skills to walk functionally so you can imagine my delight finding these reduced - now I've developed my strutting skills. These babies are definitely easing the mourning period I'm having over Australia Post losing all my favourite pairs...

pic 1
shirt, Sportsgirl
skirt and tights, American Apparel
shoes, Jante at Raben Shoes
pic 2
crop top, American Apparel
jeans, Kmart
pic 3
skirt and shirt, American Apparel


Life Sunday

(pics - Adam Flipp)
I didn't get a chance to take any outfit pics this weekend but I have a couple pictures here from Sunday Life, shot on the same day as the post previous but featuring in the following weekend. Amazing how a few simple changes in lighting and composition can completely alter the mood of shoot. I love the hair! Michelle McQuilliam was the hairstylist for both shoots.
The leather jacket is by Saba and the top jacket is by Cue, along with the gold vest and sequin trousers. Cue has had a bundle of great pieces in their latest collection instore, I've been pining over a tartan mini and stripped blazer... so perfect with a white tee.



Sunday Life

Here's a couple images of me from Sunday Life, styled by Thelma McQuilliam and pinched from photographer Adam Flipp's website. Adam is one of my favourites to work with, talented and easy going - a rare pair of qualities among those who work in the fashion industry. The theme of this shoot was jumpsuits - the third time I've had a shoot with that theme this year!

Also, I have to thank the ever beautiful Bel at LoveMore for featuring my Casual Beautiful shots on her blog - its an honour to be slotted in amongst some of the best sources of inspiration in the blogosphere. Also thanks to Spanish Elle for my little feature of their website and Rebe for pointing it out to me. Finally, thanks Silje at for my interview - and hello to all my Norwegian readers out there. :)
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