Bikini Girl

Heres a shot of me on the cover of the Housexy album, coming out at the end of the month. I must add there's alot of photoshop on this - I didn't even have a tan at the shoot! Its still really exciting, being on the cover of a CD.
I'd be posting more this week but I've been beaten down with the flu. I spent all day in bed yesterday with fever and chills and aching all over... Probably have the swine flu... Back to the couch.


Crystal said...

They made you look like an illustration for the most part but whatever, it's still the cover!!! Congrats.

White Tea & Wild Horses said...

There's a picture of you on the new Sportsgirl website. Did you see that one too?

Congratulations on the cover!


Isa said...

ah no, swine flu! oink!
I mean you can really tell there is a lot of photoshop going on here, something about the picture doesn´t look quite real but anyways it´s so exciting for you to be on a CD, no?
hello rock star!

get well soon!


I'm a mean street kid. said...

hot cover!

Shen-Shen said...

It doesn't look much like you, but it's pretty hot! (Not that you aren't irl)

And ughh ewww flu :( I think I just went through a mild bout of it (although my boyfriend says it was just a cold) and now I'm pretty much better so no worries. I hope you feel better soon!

Cypriotchick said...
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Cypriotchick said...

That is one majourly photoshopped pic but behind all that you look fab! sorry to hear about ur cold hope u don't have swine flu but even if u do theyve stopped testing for it :( at least its one excuse u can use!


p.s can't wait to c ur new studded jacket :D

ONiC said...

ohh hotness :)

Antonio Barros said...

You look gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

Somewhere Here said...

wow, congrats!


proudly says, said...

huh! so sad to hear that you're sick.
get well soon, zanita!

yes, it doesn't look like you that much
but still it's gorgeous. i love it!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

congratulations, you look great!

leeselooks said...

wow super beachy + tanned!

hot bod z.

oh dear- i swear i had swine flu when i came back from nyc!!! i was in bed for days and had to go on super strong anti-bods.
rest up + drink sooooo much fluid.

miss ya girl.


kayang said...

holy crappp, that doesn't look anything like you.

But you look amazing, as always. :)

kirstyb said...

Fantastic cover shot! Well done xoxox

Maria said...

wow. I'm jealous!

Maria x

Anika said...

I have the same goddamn flu, whattapain I tell ya. Must have hit all of bloody Australia. Hope it isn't swine flu :P

p.s. this album cover is killer!
and I'll have to check out the Sportsgirl website too. Congrats on all the work, well done :)

have a lovely chilled out weekend in your trackie daks. I plan to.

Sarah ~ Lolita of Modern Times ~ said...

I wish I could look like that, even after some photoshopping!!!!!

Anyways, take care of u, 'sure it's just a little flu without the swine part, no worries!

~ Lolita of modern times ~

FashionConsciou$ said...

Congratulations! Looks great - rest up!

fashionbox said...

wow your on CD cover!!!! congrats! were you on stylestalker? for the cut out dress? cos it was on another blog and it really looked like you =)


caylee said...

this is a totally different look for you but man, do you still look gorgeous!

meghan said...

this is crazy, it barely looks like you

Jeniffer said...

look bit different but still beautiful.. get well soon...

Alya said...

To tell you the truth, I couldn't really tell if that was you or not. You're gorgeous in person, and I wish we could have seen more of "you". But in the end, its still exciting that you got to be on the cover.

Hope you get tons more! You're a real beauty - and I'm not just saying that.

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