About Time

Well overdue blog post - My boyfriend snapped these for me and I decided to give black and white photography a go, considering my dress is white. I decided to post all my heels along with presents and my toiletries from London back to Sydney because it was cheaper than paying excess luggage at the airport and I just found out my parcel was returned for some reason. I paid 100 pounds to post it! I need my heels. My outfits aren't complete. :( I got this dress from Zara in London and its so light and summery, totally inappropriate for Sydney, but I've tried to give it a futuristic element by adding the shiny tights which I was given at a job.
Still trying to find the time to reply to so many emails but thankfully tomorrow is sunday.
Thanks so much to Holly at OutfitRepeater for emailing me this mini pic of me in Harpers Bazaar at Josh Goot. I like this shot, I'm having loads of fun.


Shin said...

Beautiful! Your bf is a great photographer! It's so cool that you were in Harper's Bazarr's!! xxooxxoo

brooke said...

oh that sucks so much about the package, I would be devastated :(
those pictures are really awesome too. Nice photography!


TheMinx said...

I love the drape of this dress, you look really lovely :))

DinoBiteinStyle said...

I <3 it when you post your advertising pictures from your jobs.

It like OMG I know her!! LOL

Visit my blog sometime. I will soon post some of my outfits too.

Always Happy,

leeselooks said...


miss you.

how is aus?

oh dear i've had too many post problems to mention.
uber frustrating.

oh zara. i miss it. they were having a killer sale a few weeks back!

you are glowing being back home!


Martina said...

you look like a cinema star!!

Cypriotchick said...

thanks for the reply it was nice to hear back :D its a shame about ur heels though D: i hate it when u go out of ur way to make things a little easier and it just backfires


B said...

Beautiful pictures!

sexyinthecity said...

you looks amazing!!


Don't Be A Hero said...

good to have you back! love these shots, and kinda excited for the London stuff posts!

I'm (kinda) back as well, but um I don't have an awesome guy that'll take pics this amazing! you lucky duck!

can't wait for London posts!

caylee said...

gorgeous you, gorgeous photo, gorgeous dress!
i'm dying over that dress and the fact that a zara is nowhere around me.

Romi said...

Love the pictures and love the outfit!
The tights are genious with that dress.

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