Spinach Sky

I'd like to send a big thanks to Chloe at DailyStyleGuide for considering me as part of a feature interview, which you can see here. I'd also like to take this oppurtunity to invite anyone reading out there to ask any extra questions - I know a few of you might have some questions about modelling in particular. I'll write up all the answers in a post over the weekend.
I'm shooting a beauty test this afternoon so hopefully I'll have something nice to put up next week too!

harem pants, sportsgirl
shirt, Kmart
jacket, vintage
heels, nine west


Self Portrait 5

This image could be so much cooler if I could manage my own hair. I usually don't style it beyond a smudge of serum because it gets so brutalised at different jobs. I swear I've had clumps of hair fall out after some crazy up-dos. It's so depressing to see it all run down the plug hole.
I changed the colour of the sky from its vivid blue to purple using the selective colour tool on photoshop. I also think this shot could be improved if my elbow wasn't pointing down the lense of the camera, if it was stuck out to the side a little more the silhouette would be much more interesting. My chin could be slightly lower too, makes for a more flattering light and line on the face and neck but the eyes need to stay catching light for maximum dramatic effect.


Launching Point

My boyfriend insists that getting outside will be helpful in getting me on the road to recovery and so I took myself upstairs for an outfit shoot and some fresh air. It appears as though in these shots I'm launching myself around the place but I can assure you the movements are quite slow (they have to be, my head is thumping). The idea is to put yourself into position and lift ever so slightly just as the shot is being taken to give the impression of movement. Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
I love this outfit because its so slouchy and comfortable. A few days ago I gave myself a $100 challenge to find an outfit at Kmart and the result included these men's jeans and this baggy tee, among other things. I really should have documented my endeavor for my blog but it was really a spur of the moment idea and I didn't bring my camera.

*cough cough splutter splutter*

tee. Kmart
mens jeans. Kmart
shoes, Topshop
leather studded jacket, Rachel Gilbert


Bikini Girl

Heres a shot of me on the cover of the Housexy album, coming out at the end of the month. I must add there's alot of photoshop on this - I didn't even have a tan at the shoot! Its still really exciting, being on the cover of a CD.
I'd be posting more this week but I've been beaten down with the flu. I spent all day in bed yesterday with fever and chills and aching all over... Probably have the swine flu... Back to the couch.


Not Bastille

So today isn't Bastille Day that doesn't mean my boyfriend and I arent headed up to the Mountains to celebrate its passing with a fancy dinner with my boyfriends Mum, Jane. We shall be indulging on french wine, french cuisine and crepes suzette! So I'm rushing to make an outfit post before I leave Sydney - featuring the shirt I wore for one of my first posts and an old favourite of mine that I've had for a couple years. I'm a bit annoyed right now about my heels - I decided to post all my favorites in a jumbo parcel from London so they didn't weigh down my suitcase and it was returned to my London address.... I paid 100 pounds for nothing!!! And so I have no new heels to accessorise with and I don't have a chance to exhibit the few new pairs I purchased while I was away. Bummer.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

blazer, Zara
shirt, Vintage from the Corner Shop
pants, tailored in Chiang Mai
boots, Doc Martens (again!)


Sleep Required

Had to wake early for a casting this morning, probably drank too much at a 21st last night. Need to go back to sleep!

hat, vintage
shirt, Zara
Bag, Zara
shorts, DIY
tights, SES
shoes, Zomp


About Time

Well overdue blog post - My boyfriend snapped these for me and I decided to give black and white photography a go, considering my dress is white. I decided to post all my heels along with presents and my toiletries from London back to Sydney because it was cheaper than paying excess luggage at the airport and I just found out my parcel was returned for some reason. I paid 100 pounds to post it! I need my heels. My outfits aren't complete. :( I got this dress from Zara in London and its so light and summery, totally inappropriate for Sydney, but I've tried to give it a futuristic element by adding the shiny tights which I was given at a job.
Still trying to find the time to reply to so many emails but thankfully tomorrow is sunday.
Thanks so much to Holly at OutfitRepeater for emailing me this mini pic of me in Harpers Bazaar at Josh Goot. I like this shot, I'm having loads of fun.


Still Here

I'm dancing around my room and packing to my favourite band when I was in highschool, Jimmy Eat World. I'm trying a few new looks out - I call the last one Smiling Chicken, what do you guys think?

Updating my blog hasn't been my forte of late and here's why - I'm so homesick! And Busy! Right now i'm packing my whole life back up and headed back to Australia in the morning, I've got a brilliant booking (just wait and see) and I'm aching to see my friends and boyfriend. London is stunning and sunny right now but for me its been a little hollow and I'm truly looking forward to being home and feeling myself again. I still owe my blog pictures from my trip to Berlin and my Jasmine interview (its great by the way, nice and gritty!) and at least a few outfit posts, I do have some new dresses and such which I cant wait to show off.
To those people who have commented on the last few posts those most encouraging words - Thankyou so so much. I really appreciated this. I love you guys!

tee shirt, Karen Walker
shorts, Trent Nathan cutoffs
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