On Set

I've been manically busy since arriving in London with who knows what, this week has been a blur. Its left me exhausted and I must confess a little homesick. I'm seriously missing my darling boyfriend Evan and my new apartment back in Sydney, despite the glorious weather here in London town. I'm pretty torn about where I should be based too - London, Hamburg, Sydney?? New York??? My little sister is currently storming up NYC on holiday and I'm seriously jealous. NYC is a big dream for me, but pretty risky - word on the grapevine is that modelling work is a bit slow in those parts. Until then I shall keep working hard and working out in London. I know some of you might be interested in what I do to keep in shape and the answer is loads of exercise, about an hour a day, five times a week. Im a bit of a gym junkie - running, yoga, pilates, RPM and Body Attack classes are my prefered faves. Sometimes its really boring and repetitive but completely necessary on account of my being not so great at dieting, I've got a bit of a sweet tooth - Bring on the Lindt please!

This behind the scenes shot is something I took on a job last weekend at the Savile Club - it gets hot sometimes under all those lights and reflectors!


Pascal Grob said...

lindt? you're talking about the swiss chocolate? you should get something from sprüngli once – the better lindt! :D

Nina said...

Ahaha Pascal, I was just about to post something about swiss chocolate too, but I guess you were faster :)

proudly says, said...

i love lindt chocs!

i would love to see pics of you from the photoshoot.

Holly said...

the photo shoot looks amazing!
very 18th century and marie antoinette.. u should rent the movie about her life if u haven't already.. the fashion is to die for

Tough Cookie said...

My sweet tooth is so intense. I just loooove chocolate. Brownies are a fave.

Georgia said...

wow, that shoot looks absoloutley beautiful!

It would be mine

Rebecca said...

you previously said that you get compared to blake lively, right? well i saw her at a club the other day and you're much prettier! btw i live in NYC and its great and if you ever need tips when you visit (or choose to live) feel free to ask.

styleburst said...

you're absolutely pretty! I love outfit and the makeup.

The photo shoot looks amazing.


Anika said...

You look fabulous in those test shots, just gorgeous.

Ahh, much do you miss Australia??!! I'm in Australia and at this point in time, cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Enjoy it though, and the glorious weather too :)

The Lady Nerd said...

Wow, what a great behind-the-scenes shot! Such a contrast between the hardware of the set and the graceful beauty of the models (not to mention those dresses!).

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