Boom Baby

I had a job today where I indulged alot of sitting around and scanning over the new resort collections on the App on my Iphone (best app ever!!!) deciding what I was into. Christopher Kane's collection was right at the top of my list, the palate and the print were confronting but the lines and silhouette was still fluid and simple. I used to have the image of that explosion as the background for my Iphone! An atomic explosion, a sinister power which somehow has a natural kind of beauty and symmetry. Intriguing.

The jacket is perfection!

Erdem also appealled to me in a similar way, the palate was also great and the dresses had a great line to them, very wearable but a little more ladylike.

I really love this fur at Celine too. Gorgeous. I'm happy about a return to clean lines.

In summary I need to take to some black silk or satin items with bleach untill they go orange in some kind of mushroom cloud effect then paint on blues and greys and reds with ink. Sounds like a recipe for disaster actually.... Sorry I haven't had time to put all of this into some kind of creative collage but I hope you can gather the idea of my theme here.


Midnight traveller said...

I just posted that last Erdem dress on my page about 30min ago! Crazy!! Haha. It's beautiful, my dream dress.

Bambola said...

I love that long navy print dress. Absolutely stunning. I'm in love with the colour for this Winter I think...

Tough Cookie said...

Your last post is so pretty! I love the pic, and I think you would be great in high fashion. You have a unique look but it is all around beautiful.

mia said...

love love the jacket, too!

leeselooks said...

hey beautiful Z!

THANKS so much for sending me that noot link - i wrote down that vintage jewlery store in soho and you best believe i will be visiting.

yes, you MUST COME!!!!! fly over!!!!!! then we can finally meet + vintage shop away.

oh dear- christopher kane is too amazing for words. those explosions and the previous monkeys are pure works of art.
get yourself some bleach + silk. i would LOVE to see the effect.

enjoy your weekend loves


Georgia said...

Don't you just love the feel of satin and silk? Perfection. My favourite has to be the shot with the dress paired with the scarf.

It would be mine

Anonymous said...

please no fur :'(

proudly says, said...

this is really a BOMB!
i love all collections!

CAMILLE said...

as soon as i saw the kane collection i knew i had to do a post on it, awesome collection. would love to buy one of the pieces, but not stocked in Australia :( havent seen the style app, might check it out, i was on my phone last nite addings apps, its so fun haha

camille x

Crystal said...

Ahh! Christopher Kane's resort was so refreshing. I loved the colors and the idea of printing photos on fabric. Definitely one of my favorite resorts this year as well.

Little Bo Peeep said...

Omg, every dress is just so dream, it feels like I'm stuck between reality and surreality. Oh so awesome.

La Chauve-Souris said...

lovelllllly look


bonne nuit

la chauve-souris

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