Bath Time

Here are a few extra shots I took in Bath, mostly just the girls hanging out after the show, pulling out their hair etc. You can see why I've not published an outfit post, I'm a tourist in trousers, tee and plimsoles. I took a few good photos in Berlin from my shoot there so I'll get them up in a day or so too.


brooke said...

but you still look awesome! hope youre having a good time :)
xx brooke

ivy said...

doesn't matter what you're still looks good :)
there are times we just wanna dress casual and comfortable ...totally understand that ;)

heve a safe trip!

Nicole Then said...

wow that's really some photography skill you've got there!

Hannah said...

Looks like a fun trip, and you look great even in "casual" clothes. I love the after-show candids.

leeselooks said...

london in the summer sounds wonderful.
you are so darn pretty zanita.

BUT come to nyc :) even though i leave here in a few days!!!! :( :(


Anonymous said...

i've loved your last three posts! thank you for all the sharing, especially the pictures of all these gorgeous models. you're looking so fierce and adorable on the catwalk, i feel so happy for you!! <3

take care and keep safe!

xxx kate

PS I would like to send you some jewellery from my jewellery line, could I email you for your mailing address? (: xxx

Shin said...

They're so naturally gorgeous and as are you! xxoxoxooxxo

smartscruffyfashion said...

I love Bath, always there taking photos!

Lauren x

I'm Dino said...

I just come to ur blog and leave some comment
great blog u have, i'm TT

LoveMore said...

great pics babe! very jak and jil!

you are getting super swifty with your camera too - very impressed!

looking forward to hearing about your exciting new booking!

xxx bel

Nahna said...

You look so beautiful (as always :) )

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