Self Portrait 4

My blue denim shirt is quickly becoming my new staple and has inspired me to do this new self portrait. I did actually try this shot with a cigarette but it just didnt look right, considering I'm not a smoker. Not sure what it about cigarettes and fashion photography that I love so much, something to do with fatalistic youth and the ever glamourous french fashion set. Anyway, I can't really pull of a ciggie, perhaps its got something to do with losing focus once my head starts spinning. Don't smoke kids.

Anyway I thought I might give a bit if a run down of how I take a photo. For this particular shot I took about 180 frames, which sounds alot but with so many variables to consider its important to have alot of options - and despite what some of you might think I dont look any good in most of the shots so I gotta keep snapping away, I'm very picky. Some of the variables with this shot were:
  • My hair - it was messing up the wrong way
  • I was accidently flashing a little more skin than I intended
  • The sun kept going behind the clouds and making the light look flat
  • I held my head/shoulder/stomache at a bad angle so I looked awkward.
  • The shirt - kept puffing out too far. 
  • My expression - looked inappropriate for the mood of the photo etc
  • The light - sometimes it didnt catch  my eyes (needed for extra drama)
  • The darn remote crept into shot 
  • My posture - sometimes I get a bit slouchy, its more flattering for me to pull my shoulders back
  • Blinking - I always do it.
Anyway, its pretty simple but thats just me illustrating basically all the technicalities of being a photographic model. 


Holly said...

well done on ur self portraits they are looking really professional! maybe ur an undiscovered photographer & dnt know it yet!
perhaps try a cigarette holder instead of just a cigarette? i went to a european themed party n bought one specially.. it was so much fun posing with

Bambola said...

Wow! I know you're supposed to take a load of photos to get a good one, but I didn't realise how many! It paid off though, the shot looks great!

You've got a very pretty face, but you managed to pull off a little bit of a harsher look today. Looks great!

Christing said...

you do the most amazing self portraits! i love denim shirts! thanks for the tips on photo taking..i have to get the boy to be slightly more patient and get in more frames! he gets bored after 10 :-)


Rachelle said...

What a beautiful face, you look like an angel! xx

Lauren said...

Love the shirt un done as it were, showing off your perfect skin!

I feel the same way on picking the exactly correct picture, you want to look at it and go yeh wow yourself...

Lauren x

Shen-Shen said...

You look beautiful! And I'm picky when it comes to photos too. Like you said, there's so much to think about!

heleen db said...

hm, this actually contains quite a few helpful tips! no wonder your self-portraits are stunning!

Aura said...

so nineties grunge

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

that's a hell lot of effort to get one shot!! good job darling, and it was a really amazing shot, if i must add. also, i think you're REALLY fit, you must work out a lot!

been loving your outfits for the past 3-4 posts btw! (: i think self shots are easier to take when you can actually see yourself and how you look (aka photobooth)

xx kate

ivy said...

wow! u look stunningly-chic! love those denim shirt :)


caylee said...

this is goooooorgeous in every way! you certainly picked the good one, lol =)
and i'm totally loving denim shirts right now too.

frances said...

I agree, when I'm shooting for proper projects I can take up to 600 shots. The end result looks fab though, it's beautiful. x

Isa said...

it´s definitely relaxing me that our professional mode-/angel face zanita has to take some effort to get a decent picture! ;)


Alice X said...

that's GORGEEEOUS zanita. i could never take a beautiful auto shot because its just so difficult! taking pictures of other people is much better for me.

CAMILLE said...

beautiful...and butter milk skin...gorgeous!

camille x

Tili_lili said...

You look like a total model, I love it how you're not afraid to experiment.

Check out my blog please:)

Shin said...

This photo is prbably one of my favorites of you! Very sensual and alluring! I love how your hair looks! xxoxoxo

Anonymous said...


could you give me a recommendation on cameras with remotes and what equipment to use for taking your own picture? do you always take your own, because they are always great!

ah oh ohs said...

youre gorgeous.


Ruth =] said...

this is a great photo! and the fact you set all that up yourself without being behind the camera is brilliant - the remote is defo the secret! I never know what to do with all the photos ive taken that are no good - my computer usually just gets clogged up with them.

keep up the great photography - what camera are you using? I'm thinking of switching to SLR and I'm not sure how to proceed... xxx

Celine said...

Your list is pretty spot on! I'm a photo editor for a fashion publication and when I go through the film there are so many variables that can make or break a photo. It's amazing what works in a shot vs real life.

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