On Point

Finally have the internet set up in my apartment so tomorrow night I'm going to have a blogging fest and make up for my time off. I'm the proud new owner of a Nikon D60 complete with tripod and remote so theres no longer an excuse for blurry pics. I'm passionately obsessed with it and am going to be working hard to up the ante photographically and hopefully improve my blog.
I'd be posting tonight but my folks have flown in from Western Australia for the weekend and I've been showing them around Sydney.
Can't wait to get back on the game - plus I have some new shoes! Thanks so much for sticking around!!!


rachel kara said...

pulled into the curb on oxford st, blinker on waiting for someone to leave and let me take their car spot was staring out my window at all the people passing by. a blonde girl in a long brown coat seemed to stand out and catch my attention....SNAP it was you (I think)! wanted to shout out a big hey but being in my car would have made it kind of awkward. it was exciting none the less and am constantly amazed and reminded how small a place sydney is.
looking forward to seeing you experiment with new waiting on my $900 then going on a slr spending spree. cant wait!

Carolina Botelho said...

happy you're back zanita! hope to see you soon! kisses

Scientist said...

nikons are great. good choice.

Lauren said...

I have the Nikon D60 too, it's great fun!

Sushi said...

Lucky thing! I am dying for a new camera! Looking forward to seeing your posts x Sushi

leeselooks said...

YAY Z!!!!!!

have missed you.

enjoy your time with your parents!

SO jealous of your cam! i have been wanting to get one for ages.
let me know how it is, and i might have to seriouslyyyy look into it.....


MJ. said...

Girl! I've been so out of blogging I've missed too much from your blog! I've been looking around now :P
Great to hear you're back home and got that fab cam so u'll get even greater pics!:P
Can't wait to see your outfits!!


elle victoire said...

I really can't wait to see the pictures with your new camera :)

glad you're back!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Ahh that is so cool, I want a really good camera as well. I'm looking forward to seeing your new photographs! Your blog is already amazing, can't imagine how awesome it will be soon.. :)


geisharock said...

Still here :) Can't wait to see the new posts. Congrats on the shiny new toy! xoxo

phamzy said...

i can't wait to feast with the outfit posts! wow, great camera!

fashionbox said...

blurry photos? on your blog? where?

channy xo

Ashita said...

woo hoo!

Cant wait to see how your pictures turn out. I'm mighty excited too I got blessed with one of those bad boys too... ahh its heavier, and shiny with all these buttons.

Good Luck Zanita :D

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