Landing Abroad

Planning my rather last minute trip to London has left me with little time to devote to my blog. Fortunately I was able to snap a couple of outfits before I left but never had a chance to post them. Heres my new Elsom sequined longjohns I got twitting about a week or two ago and they are loads of fun. Upon reflection I wouldn't have styled them so pretty, maybe with a black tee and chunky silver jewellery would have been a little cooler, but I wanted to get this halter top up as well as the long johns to I figured pairing them together would save me some time.
Its great to be here in London, the sun is shining beautifully but I'm missing my man, my friends and my new apartment alot. Hopefully I can distract myself by getting stuck into work. Thanks everyone for sticking around for my little blogging breaks, I really appreciate all the support!

longjohns, Elsom
top, stylestalker
shoes, irregular choice


Anonymous said...

Saw a huge photo of you in a shop window in southampton yesterday.
Envy i think its called? you look beautifull, love your blog x

Lauren said...

At least we have stunning weather here in England, so no rain to dampen your spirits :)

Looking stunning, I like the halter more than the leggings at the minute hehe

Lauren x

Carolina Botelho said...

the leggins are SO HOT! love itg

proudly says, said...

you're so gorgeous, zanita!
no wonder why you became a model.
everything is with you already!
you got the beautiful face and height!

silver and purple are good combination!

geisharock said...

The leggings are amazing! You pull them off great :) Welcome back to London, isn't the weather gorgeous? xoxo

Cypriotchick said...

they are awesomely awesome legging/pant/things



elaine n said...

i love your shoes! where did you get them??

Christing said...

welcome to london! you're lucky with the weather! love the sequin leggings!

Vintage Tea said...

Im in london too at the moment and missing my bf loads! Im so glad im here while the weather is so amazing! I'm loving it

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Shen-Shen said...

Oh my GOD those sequined pant things are amazing!

leeselooks said...

those are so hot.
very robotic-esqe.
i am in love with them.

ah- you are in london again? for how long?
escape the winter?

it is soo chilly here.

can't wait to catch up!!!


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

just found your blog and have been reading your old posts, i love it! you're so gorgeous xxxa

Alice X said...

omggg freaking freaking awesome leggings. i'm obcesseed with sequin everything:) thank you for your lovely comments zanita, your so lovely.

Shin said...

I think this is one of my most favorite photos of you ever! The last one left me speechless! So stunning! I love the silver longjohns and they look so awesome on you! You rock!! xxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I think you're beautiful ,your lips,your eyes,your smile ,your perfect waist etc , BUT you're unattractive .i dont know why.probabbly because of your long torso and short need to do something to elongate your legs.anyways you're quite pretty but please stop wearing short skirts with flat're tall enough but your legs arent that long.

Anonymous said...


Elaine said...

Those leggings are crazy!!!!!!!

Olviya said...

so lovely outfit, specially with those shoes!
hope you will have lots of interesting work in London!

Hannah said...

Ooh this is lovely. I actually love the styling - very fresh and clean and summery!

Suzanne said...

great leggings!

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