Hello Mono

So here I am back on the horse with the outfit posts. Monotone is always pretty foolproof concept and I love these delicious soft folds from the jersey fabric of the trench... Again with the boots I'm sorry... Nothing else went with the ensemble. You can probably notice the remote in my hand and from this point on its going to be a regular feature, makes my life so much easy when I don't have to run back and forth, waiting ten seconds for the timer to go off and setting up a frame.

Big Thanks to Tahnee at PublikMode for my interview, its always an honour to be considered in a feature by a fellow style fan - you can see it all HERE

I'll be posting a few personal works coming up too, I'd love some honest constructive opinions. I dont really know how to use my camera properly yet and when I get a chance I've going to take a photography short course to help me bypass the teething stage.

Blogging makes me so happy!

Trench, josh goot for target
Shirt, AA
Socks, target
Boots, doc martens
Sunglasses, jigsaw


Hope said...

This is cute Zan!
I am envious of your shiny new camera . These photos have a beautiful finish.

It's my bday soon so maybe if I drop enough hints I get a new camera too!!

Hope all else is well

Centine and Kaylene from Fashion Dialogue said...

Hi Zanita!!!

I'm guessing it was about a month ago now, when you first posted about those Doc Martens, and I instantly fell in love with them and tracked down a pair for myself from England the very same day.

Being a Sydney girl I had never seen these boots around on anyone else, so I was pretty excited. Except last week at Fashion Week I saw a very stylish girl wearing them, and i was like "damn...maybe they're more common than i thought around these parts of town"...but then I realised it was you wearing them!! least i think it was...and if not, now i just sound like a nutter!

Anyway. There's my little fashion week shoe story.


Tough Cookie said...

I'm so happy I came across your blog. I've been checking out your posts all morning! You are a gorgeous girl and great model. Congrats on your success!

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...


Anonymous said...

tlove those boots.nice nice!!

Ania said...

congrats on the WWWD feature! :))

Ela said...

Hi, Zanita!

I really like the boots with those socks! You're a great blogger :]

And by the way: You are one of the myspace muses this month ;) I really love the outfit they chose, it's definitely one my favourite!

elle victoire said...

I love this outfit, especially the boots. the pictures look amazing!

LIZ-piration said...

AMAZING! love the doc marten boots...
gorgeous xo

andro said...

also wanted to congratulate on feature! keep on inspiring :)

Lara Natascha said...

amazing! i loooove your blog!

<3 exchange links?

Jules said...

you look absolutely gorgeous! well i didnt even notice the remote until you said something, i was so focused on your amazing ensemble!

cant wait until ur next post
btw congrats on the interview

Anonymous said...

great post, i love the photos
lets link?

I Like Stuff said...

LOVE the slouchy trench. And don't apologize for those boots. They're perfection!!

The Frocker said...

*Those* are Docs?? Wow. They look beautiful!

Carolina Botelho said...

love love love thisss! this pic's are fantastic zanita!!

Lauren said...

The silhouette the trench belt makes is lovely around your waist. Making it flat against the front & back.

That London girl said...

omg ure gorgeous
loving ure blog btw :]

Shin said...

So great to see your pictures again!! I love your grey trench and your boots!! So chic! xxoxoxo

maggie said...

Hey Zanita,

I have been tracking down those patent black Darcie boots, on the US online shop, and it doesn't come in that color. Then unexpectedly one day I found them for $200 USD on OPENING ACT. But it disappear today from that store. I am so upset, haha. I was wondering, where you got your from? And I don't think there are much offical Doc marten's stores in San Francisco, California.

Ohh I have tried out your recommendation. I also <3 the color the Kiehl's lip balm Hue no.30, it makes my lips look so natural.

Haha its almost mother's day so I was going to get her the Kiehl's eye cream with avocado for my mommy, because of your expertise in beauty products. lol Btw, i'm 18. But the sales lady said the eye cream were for younger people I was disappointed. So she recommended something else , but a little bit more expensive. But I don';t remember the name since it's in its gift box right now. haha I dont want her to discover my gift boxes.

with much curiously,

Caroline said...

love everything and am intrigued by the AA shirt...are those straps hanging in the back? what top is that?

kayang said...

I READ THE INTERVIEW! (I kind of sound creepy.)
I just recently started reading Margaret Atwood.. like a week ago. I'm actually currently reading "The Robber Bride".
I just finished "Oryx and Crake".. It was so amazing; if you haven't read it yet, make sure to go grab a copy!!!

Oh, and like usual, the outfit is great! I think I might grab myself a pair of those doc martens.

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