Landing Abroad

Planning my rather last minute trip to London has left me with little time to devote to my blog. Fortunately I was able to snap a couple of outfits before I left but never had a chance to post them. Heres my new Elsom sequined longjohns I got twitting about a week or two ago and they are loads of fun. Upon reflection I wouldn't have styled them so pretty, maybe with a black tee and chunky silver jewellery would have been a little cooler, but I wanted to get this halter top up as well as the long johns to I figured pairing them together would save me some time.
Its great to be here in London, the sun is shining beautifully but I'm missing my man, my friends and my new apartment alot. Hopefully I can distract myself by getting stuck into work. Thanks everyone for sticking around for my little blogging breaks, I really appreciate all the support!

longjohns, Elsom
top, stylestalker
shoes, irregular choice

White Socks

Its been raining in a serious manner in Sydney these past few days and opportunities to get out and snap shots for outfit posts have been few and far between. The cloud cover made this image so flat I decided I had to do some jumping around just to make it interesting. The white socks were inspired by my friend Stacy.
I'm currently in the planning stages for my next trip overseas and unfortunately this may mean a week or twos hiatus from blogging. I'll try and automate as many posts as possible before I leave so things don't get too boring. I'm thinking of purchasing a new laptop so I can make blogging more readily available to me while I'm overseas.

dress, stylestalker
shoes, Mollini
socks, Kmart
scrunchie, AA


Self Portrait 4

My blue denim shirt is quickly becoming my new staple and has inspired me to do this new self portrait. I did actually try this shot with a cigarette but it just didnt look right, considering I'm not a smoker. Not sure what it about cigarettes and fashion photography that I love so much, something to do with fatalistic youth and the ever glamourous french fashion set. Anyway, I can't really pull of a ciggie, perhaps its got something to do with losing focus once my head starts spinning. Don't smoke kids.

Anyway I thought I might give a bit if a run down of how I take a photo. For this particular shot I took about 180 frames, which sounds alot but with so many variables to consider its important to have alot of options - and despite what some of you might think I dont look any good in most of the shots so I gotta keep snapping away, I'm very picky. Some of the variables with this shot were:
  • My hair - it was messing up the wrong way
  • I was accidently flashing a little more skin than I intended
  • The sun kept going behind the clouds and making the light look flat
  • I held my head/shoulder/stomache at a bad angle so I looked awkward.
  • The shirt - kept puffing out too far. 
  • My expression - looked inappropriate for the mood of the photo etc
  • The light - sometimes it didnt catch  my eyes (needed for extra drama)
  • The darn remote crept into shot 
  • My posture - sometimes I get a bit slouchy, its more flattering for me to pull my shoulders back
  • Blinking - I always do it.
Anyway, its pretty simple but thats just me illustrating basically all the technicalities of being a photographic model. 


Studded Shoulder

Got organised enough today to post a new outfit which include my mini DIY studding job on my leather jacket. Ideally I would be studding the shoulders with giant spikes like those amazing pieces in the Julien Macdonald FW show and I seriously don't have the patience to wait for them to arrive from the states. I'd stud all the way down to the wrist but I broke my stencil on the last stud... My dress is from stylestalker, its just a sample that I acquired from the Sydney Fashion Weekend, along with my Cheap Mondays. Wearing those damn boots again but I just threw them on because my Ugg boots didn't seem to accessorise as well...
Currently stressing and planning over my next trip overseas, perhaps in about three weeks, perhaps with a stopover somewhere in the states. Its very exciting to consider but also a bit daunting, in view of the the funds the whole trip will exhaust and the fact I'll be doing it all alone and leaving my beautiful boyfriend behind again.

leather jacket, C&S (studded with studs from
dress, Stylestalker
boots, Doc Martens


Blue Velvet

Blue is definately my favourite colour. I'm pretty fond of navy too. Heres my new Cheap Monday high waisted skinnies paired with my vintage yellow bomber. Sporting some pink lipstick too just for fun, just to round off the whole bright colours thing I have going on. Spent the weekend running errands and helping my friends with their stall at Sydney Fashion Weekend. I also completed a simple DIY which I'll post tomorrow.

jeans, cheap monday
jacket, vintage
tee, H&M
shoes, Sojo at Zomp


Self Portrait 3

This shot I initially rejected because of the birds nest hair but I was playing around with lens flare and I've kind of hidden the remote with it. Bit of a spacey solution.

vintage dress
h&m top

Blue Jeans

Awoke this morning to ring at the door, it was my new jeans, arriving after I had only ordered them yesterday! In my Rachel Gilbert goodie bag I had recieved a $50 voucher for and found these jeans for just 110, reduced from 299. Can't resist a bargain. The quality is amazing, they are so comfortable and soooo blue! I love a high waist because there's no need to fret about builders crack or your undies hanging out.
Sorry theres no clear frontal shot, they bunch a little around the crotch and need to be worn in for a more flattering effect - so maybe i'll snap them again in a couple weeks.
My other news for today is that I recently switched modelling agencies in Australia from Viviens to Priscillas. Nothing against Viviens whatsoever, I just felt it was time for a change, I've been with them for quite a long time and thought it was time for a new perspective. I'm excited to see what the next few weeks will bring me!

jeans, 18th Ammendment 'Bacall '
shirt, cos
heels, nine west


Blue Steel

This outfit is not really all that interesting but I've borrowed my flatmate's new lens and wanted to try it out. The image quality is fantastic. Way better than my lens.
Thanks to everyone who wished me well regarding the nasty head cold I think I could be on the mend. I'd also like to add that I'm starting to see the blake lively resemblance... particularly in these shots. Maybe I should email her and tell her I'm her long lost half sister? We are even about the same height! Wish my hair would grow as long as hers....Do you think I could get work in the US working as her decoy? That would be great!!
My fake tan from the Rachel Gilbert show has finally worn off and Im back to my former pasty self. I certainly haven't enjoyed enough summer this year - I need to go back to europe soon!


Cold Daze

How ironic is it that the day the swine flu lands in Sydney is the day I'm struck down with a head cold?! I'd forgotten what an exhausting experience it is to have blocked sinuses. Bleugh puffy face!
So feeling blue today and quite appropriately I'm sporting my new denim shirt given to me by my friend Susie. I love it, can't wait to wear it in so its lovingly soft and shaped just right to my body. I'm also wearing two toned tights from American Apparel but you can't really tell in the picture that one leg is white and the other - sea foam green! The heart pendant I bought from a designer sample sale but I can't for the life of me remember the designer... its a little bit morbid but I'm quite into that. Teamed with my Stylestalker dress which I never get tired of - so current. Yes, I'm wearing those boots AGAIN - but its getting cold in Sydney! ...or maybe I'm just feeling this as a sympton of my immune system taking a beating. Good excuse to catch up on all my emails!!!
I must also mention, I can't explain to you all how much I adore reading all your comments - they always make me feel warm fuzzies.
dress, stylestalker - you can find it here.
boots, doc martens
tights, AA
shirt, RVCA
pendant-??? oops


Rachel Gilbert

I took a few backstage pics at the Rachel Gilbert show at Hemmesphere two nights ago and haven't been able to post them earlier due to dodgy vodaphone internet.
We models were all carefully bronzed up the night previous and together with glowing make-up we all looked the part for a summer party, despite the rain. Always fun, the range was easy feminine with some sparkle, contrasted with strong accessories and killer ankle boots. There were a couple of silk maxi dresses I loved and some stunning evening gowns, including a green and white off the shoulder grecian number and a black tulip style with sequins I could imagine on any red carpet - very Beyonce. One of the models didnt turn up so Rachel's darling assistant Sam (white bow dress) had to frock up and fit in line - she did a great job of it, such a natural, though I can imagine how nervous she must have felt! Check the goodie bags, they were enormous! Movie tickets, make-up, chocolate, hairspray, vouchers... Always such a thrill rummaging through.
Can anyone out there give me some advice on setting up RSS feed and also posting twitter in my sidebar - I can't seem to find how to link it?


Lollipop Guild

The first time I ever stayed up all night was a a friend's sleepover party when I was in primary school. My Mum picked me up in the morning and I was totally delirious and having flashbacks from the movie we had watched four times that night, Clueless. Ever since then I've always had Cher and Dionne among my list of style icons, particularly for those high socks and tartan minis. No one does preppy chic like those two!
Therefore this outfit is inspired by my love of Cher Horowitz and Tokyo.

cardigan, Avocado (at SES)
denim skirt, American Apparel
socks, American Apparel
sunglasses, vintage
patent loafers, Mollini (NEW!!)

Thanks WWW!

For my feature as a Myspace Muse

Self Portrait 1

Heres my first self portrait. Its a bit sexy but its easy to start with a simple concept (not many clothes!) and I really like images with a bit of femininity and sensuality. Inspired by some recent shots taken of Doutzen Kroes (my favourite model!) and Nicole Trunfio. Taken in my bathroom and yes, I'm holding the remote in my hands!


Hello Mono

So here I am back on the horse with the outfit posts. Monotone is always pretty foolproof concept and I love these delicious soft folds from the jersey fabric of the trench... Again with the boots I'm sorry... Nothing else went with the ensemble. You can probably notice the remote in my hand and from this point on its going to be a regular feature, makes my life so much easy when I don't have to run back and forth, waiting ten seconds for the timer to go off and setting up a frame.

Big Thanks to Tahnee at PublikMode for my interview, its always an honour to be considered in a feature by a fellow style fan - you can see it all HERE

I'll be posting a few personal works coming up too, I'd love some honest constructive opinions. I dont really know how to use my camera properly yet and when I get a chance I've going to take a photography short course to help me bypass the teething stage.

Blogging makes me so happy!

Trench, josh goot for target
Shirt, AA
Socks, target
Boots, doc martens
Sunglasses, jigsaw
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