Beauty Choices

In my line of work its important to have great skin and hair care. Unfortunately I'm not one of those select few blessed with perfection and its taken me half of my career to find the products that really work for me. Modelling has enabled me to get some great advice from professionals and heres a few of my most loved items.

I once did a load of shows where the hair team annihilated my hair. It was so brittle and thin that I was completely devastated - can't book good jobs with a birds nest for hair can I? Thankfully my sister gave me this product for Christmas and it was a total saviour. Thanks Chloe!!

Even if I let my hair dry naturally its still feels really damaged/dry. I need to use a moisturising product to tame the mane and Bumble and Bumble Grooming creme is awesome. You only need a small amount to create a healthy smooth effect, without being heavy or gluggy. Smells great too.

Keihls Avocado Eyecream. This is a really rich eyecream that doesnt slip into your eyes and soaks into your skin easily. Really revitalising after taking off make-up or first thing in the morning after a face wash.

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme. I only discovered this recently, bought for me by my boyfriend of all people! This product leaves my skin smooth and radiant, its so gentle and completely fabulous. Gives you a really refreshed look after a cheeky night on the town too.

YSL Touche Eclat. If you don't know about this product then hop to it. I work with professional make-up artists about every week and virtually all of them swear by this product. It could change your life.

Keihls Lipbalm in 30G hue. Best texture and blushing tint. My lips are in love.

My favourite Mascara of all time. I like this even better than Dior and Lancome mascaras. Such a great price point and it really makes my lashes full... and soft.

Also, one more piece of advice - If you have skin problems don't waste time trying all different kinds of products until one works, bite the bullet and go see a dermatologist. Definitely has saved me a lot of stress.


brooke said...

I love that mascara! and have been wanting to try touche eclat for ages... so glad you did a beauty post!
I would be so terrified if I came away from shows with damaged hair, i think it would put me off entirely haha. im obsessed with moisturising hair things so i'll have to try that one too...


July Girl said...

Wow! I will try both kiehls products!

proudly says, said...

thanks for sharing beauty tips and products your using.
i've a problem with my hair too. sometimes, my hair is dry and frizzy.

i wanna try the mascara too!

have a great day, zanita!

kirstie said...

definitely going to try a couple of these!! thanks! :)

Lisa said...

ah. 30G is my fav!!! i stocked up before i left north america, as kiehls is nowhere to be found here :(

i have spotted nimue before
is it really good?!?!?

and i have half-sies of ysl touche.
my is all gone +
not sure if i should re-purchase!

<3 u

ellevictoire said...

i love reading reviews. thanks for all the advice. i tried touche eclat a while back and it didn't work as well for me as i had hoped.

that kiehl's lip balm sounds great - need to find one!

laura said...

ive been using the same mascara for 5 years.. it really is amazing

Anonymous said...

Keihls Lipbalm is the best really!!!

Melting Fabric said...

this is great! that was good advice, thanks!

could you link us?

Isa said...

thank you so much for sharing!
although it´s hard to believe that you´re not blessed with perfection, beautiful thing.
will definitely try some of those products, life-changing cosmetics never hurt.


June Paski said...

i love kiehls products, they are very good and cheap :)

Sarah said...

YaY! I love reading beauty posts. I def think that mascara will be my next purchase. As for the YSL concealer, i purchased that a while back & i never really got what all the fuss was about...

Styleseeking Zurich said...

This beauty post was soo interesting to read. I had bas skin for as long as I can remember but a couple of years ago I went to my doctor and he just laughed it off, so I thought to myself that my skin will clear up eventually. I think I should go to a dermatologist soon.

What facial cleanser do you use, if I may ask?


Hope said...
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Hope said...

I completely concur with the advice about going to a dermatologist. Just going through the process myself... If you have problem skin that's been hanging around for a while just do it!

How do we link each other?! I'm a spaz, I don't even know that the word means!

Hope said...

uugh i made no sense... I don't know what linking is!

Maria C said...

Thanks for the tips babe ;)

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