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(catriona and I wearing Ossie Clark)

(ha! poser)

(zuzana, emma beam, catriona, betty, frankie, me - all models1)

Love this leather fringe dress in the middle (me, zuzana, catriona)
Happily moved and unpacked my life to my new apartment. The only drawback to this is that for some reason its going to take a few weeks for my internet to be set up, incredibly frustrating. What is this? The stone ages? Just when I was prepared to take my blog to another level and post more frequently... Im currently sitting in a internet cafe using an awful PC and listening to the mindless and noisy banter of teens playing World of Warcraft and about to smack my head on the desk. All I can do is upload a few pictures I've taken off my facebook of me and my close friend Catriona and a few other gorgeous models at London Fashion Weekend.
I miss my internet! Im so lost! Blogger isn't even working properly on this stupid PC.


Beauty Choices

In my line of work its important to have great skin and hair care. Unfortunately I'm not one of those select few blessed with perfection and its taken me half of my career to find the products that really work for me. Modelling has enabled me to get some great advice from professionals and heres a few of my most loved items.

I once did a load of shows where the hair team annihilated my hair. It was so brittle and thin that I was completely devastated - can't book good jobs with a birds nest for hair can I? Thankfully my sister gave me this product for Christmas and it was a total saviour. Thanks Chloe!!

Even if I let my hair dry naturally its still feels really damaged/dry. I need to use a moisturising product to tame the mane and Bumble and Bumble Grooming creme is awesome. You only need a small amount to create a healthy smooth effect, without being heavy or gluggy. Smells great too.

Keihls Avocado Eyecream. This is a really rich eyecream that doesnt slip into your eyes and soaks into your skin easily. Really revitalising after taking off make-up or first thing in the morning after a face wash.

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme. I only discovered this recently, bought for me by my boyfriend of all people! This product leaves my skin smooth and radiant, its so gentle and completely fabulous. Gives you a really refreshed look after a cheeky night on the town too.

YSL Touche Eclat. If you don't know about this product then hop to it. I work with professional make-up artists about every week and virtually all of them swear by this product. It could change your life.

Keihls Lipbalm in 30G hue. Best texture and blushing tint. My lips are in love.

My favourite Mascara of all time. I like this even better than Dior and Lancome mascaras. Such a great price point and it really makes my lashes full... and soft.

Also, one more piece of advice - If you have skin problems don't waste time trying all different kinds of products until one works, bite the bullet and go see a dermatologist. Definitely has saved me a lot of stress.

Bloggers Unite

Definately due to give my friend Danny Roberts another mention for his genius fashion meets artworks. He has created this limited edition print of his blogger portrait collection and I'm lucky enough to pop in as a feature. Thanks so much Danny!
You can see his work at Igor and Andre and there are loads of artworks you can buy prints which would be a delightful feature on a wall of any stylish abode. I've just moved into a new apartment with two males and I'm really stuck to pick one to offset the bachelor padism thats going on...


Farewell Location

Goodbye to my location! Im moving out of my apartment today, which means a whole new rooftop! My next one will have a few extra buildings in the background which will hopefully add a bit of character.
Today I'm looking a bit on the broody side with my Lena Braun velvet jacket that I bought at a sample sale in London. It looks a little like satin in these pictures but its just a slick indigo velvet. It has a great collar which I never quite captured in these shots. Next time.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend - I'm going to be stressed to the rafters with my unpacking and reorganising!

jacket, Lena Braun
singlet, Insight
zipper skirt, Stylestalker
boots, Doc Martens


Bad Blogger

So I haven't posted in days and days - I'm such a bad blogger.... And to be honest I can't really maintain a bounty of posts over the next few days as I'm moving house over the weekend. I've tried to make up for it by posting a whole load today of me trying to do something interesting.
I cant get any cool jumping pictures with a timer because its completely exhausting - most of the images look terrible, crouched mid jump etc. Someone requested in a comment a couple weeks ago to see a picture of my boyfriend so I thought it might be fitting to post one today because he took all these photos for me. Anyway, this picture was snapped at my birthday at Jazushi (Jazz + Sushi = Jazushi!!!) and is my new favourite of the two of us together. Is he cute!?

silk dress, Funkulo by Sam Elsom
bag, Vintage
sequin shoes, Palm Beach Shoes


Add Noise

So I'm experimenting with some Photoshop effects, the top picture I've added 'noise'. Does it look rubbish? I've been staring at it so long I can no longer tell if its cool or if it just looks cheap. My flat mate taught me the whole cut and paste trick... it looks like I'm about to creep up on myself!!! Bit of fun to start the weekend.
Anywho, I've been playing around with make-up this morning. A little liner in each corner of the eye and contouring inside the brow and a little beauty spot for fun. I usually have my makeup done at least a couple times a week by a professional and I've really learnt a lot about applying make-up, even though I prefer the respite of wearing none. I'm not wearing anything on my lips or cheeks, less is more!
Nothing groundbreaking in the outfit stakes, just a long floral shirt a silk pin and some baggy trousers.

shirt, Minty meets Munt
trousers, tailored
shoes, Melissa
flower pin, H&M


One Coat

This is my super slouchy trench. Have I posted this before? I cant remember. I bought this coat (and the dress) at the Red Cross store in my home town for about 5 dollars. The kids there aren't into vintage so much, more surfwear types. Love to stock up everytime I head back.

The oversized and baggy style reminds me of Stella McCartney S/S 09 - wish I had this coat too! I love to wear a trench with sneakers too - perhaps tomorrow.

Mac It


Wowzer. This flew under my radar somehow but thanks to my friend Susie I've got this bit of inspiration front and centre. Mass shoulder spikes. Long sleeve, square shouldered mini dresses. Fur and zips and wool and glitz. Brilliant shoes.
Like Balmain meets Givenchy meets Topshop Unique.


Shoe Porn

Vogue Editorial 2003
photographer, Corinne Day
model, Madeliene Blomberg

Mesh jumpsuit!? Its crazy and I want it.

Flower Child

Found these brilliant sunglasses on the way home today at the Mitchell Road Vintage warehouse for $25 AU - amongst a wonderland of bric-a-brac skating back over the last 70 or so years. I recently watched I'm Not There and have been playlisting Bob Dylan like crazy, today lending a bit of a Woodstock vibe. Fantasising about being there MAN.


Automated Service

Love mega rhinestones on slouchy jumper.

Love bra tops and high waisted denim.


Slouchy Mama

Im going out of town this for a job down the coast and won't be back until Monday so I had to squeeze in one last outfit post before I set off. The weather in Sydney isnt all that hot (about 22C and raining) but i've become so accustomed to the London chill that Im reveling in my crop top and shorts. I had to get another spray tan for my job too and it makes me feel so summery, I'm really enjoying this. I never wear alot of jewellery because I always have to take it off for work and am prone to losing it. Today I piled it all on. Channelling The Wackness (one of my favourite movies).

crop top, Elsom
shorts, Vintage Trent Nathan
belt, H&M


Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp

So while I'm on my 90's supermodel obsession I thought I might post these pics of Elaine, sent to me by Susie. A photographer, Josh Van Gelder pointed her out to me in one of my comments a few months back also - perhaps she's my secret older sister! I really love these black and white shots - wish I could get a Calvin Klein campaign! Again, really going to be working the dark brows, I know its been done awhile now but I'm pushing this back to the supers trend.
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