Wonderful Warm

This is a pic of Catriona and I being tourists in Green Park on deck chairs eating strawberries. So spring.
Today was also unusually and brilliantly warm. I was shooting outside for half the day wearing short dresses and barely felt a chill. The sun was shining and the sky was blue and the good weather shall keep on coming. Planning a trip to Brighton this weekend I cant wait!
Wish I had something to post about fashion today other than the fact that I'm in love with with the latest British Vogue editorial 'Mood Indigo' with Anna Seleneza, styled by Kate Phelan. Now needing denim of all styles and perhaps a DIY iron on patches attempt Ashish style. Trying to find a scan to illustrate my interest but its a fruitless task. Perhaps I'll stumble upon it shortly.

As you can see I've constructed a new header for myself - Its a little melancholy but I love it because it was shot on film, by Sanjay Kalideen.

Also, you can vote me in the blog awards by clicking the link of the left - but only if you think I'm worthy :)


bi-style said...

You got a new lovely banner! And I will vote for you! I really love your blog ;)

Shini said...

Oh my, I love when they come over to ask you to pay for sitting on those chairs :P I was planning to go to the seaside this weekend too! Work getting in the way..... heh brighton is beautiful, I hope the weather stays this way! (Check out Blackpool too, it's more carnival/festival-y!) I was planning to scan the UK Vogue tomrorow, would you like me to send you some scans :P?

MySpecialStash said...

I love your new header!! You look absolutely gorgeous and completely serene, and the lighting is so soft and beautiful. The weather has been getting much nicer in Canada as's crazy how much it effects your mood!

Anonymous said...

You should come back home. The weather is always wonderfully warm here.

It looks as though London is finally taking a turn for the better. Hopefully all those miserable Londoners will have something to smile about occasionally now.

Great new photo banner. Looking forward to the real thing though i must say.

Love you heaps.
Ev xxoo

Isa said...

ah funny, I just rambled about how much I wish it was the time for strawberries already.. massive envy!
you two look so relaxed, london must be beautiful in spring..
and the new banner is gorgeous, really, a little melancholy doesn´t hurt. ;)


Ania said...

love the header :)

but hey, Londoners are far from miserable!

Grace said...

i would love to trade links with you! I'll add you now. your blog is fascinating, I read it from beginning to end :)

proudly says, said...

wonderful photo! i always love your hair! mr. freddy said hi!

S.A.A. said...

Yes! I just posted it on my blog after I found it on tfs. So you could just copy it from there if you'd like!

xo querido.

Denise said...

hi Zanita. i just stumbled upon your blog, and got addicted to it already.

nice banner btw. have a great day!

Shin said...

I love the new header and your expression! So romantic! Seems like you had a relaxing day in the park! xxoxo

blobbybloo said...

you're really loving that cape aren't you? xD

channy xx

cras4 said...

really like the new header.

Vintage Tea said...

Lovely pik! It was warm here too! WOO

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Alice X said...

nice header zanita, soo pretty:) Maegan said...

such a beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

The shot in this post is cool. Wish we had deck chairs in our parks!

Also like the header, nothing beats film.

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