Weekend Fashion

Been very busy the last few days at the London Fashion Weekend doing a whole load of work and had the fortune of being recognised by the ultra stylish and talented Shini from Park And Cube - who took these photos at one of the shows. We had a moment to catch up and talk shop which was thrilling for me because she has been the first style blogger whom I've ever met in person! I hope I didnt come off too drippy though, I really was exhausted for our little chat - as you can probably tell from my red eyes and inside out cardigan...
Recent discovery - for Iphone, definately my second favourite highlight for the week (the first being my little meet with Shini!) making it so easy to keep on top of all my favourite shows - most of all Nina Ricci. Olivier Theyskens presented a genius final collection with a super lean silhouette and plenty of perfectly cut jackets that I'm obsessing over.

Just to be completely unfashionable and controversial I'm going to add that ALL that all the models are exceedingly thin. Awful. Bring back the supers!


MySpecialStash said...

It's funny that you mention the thinness of the Nina Ricci models because I kept thinking the same thing to myself while reviewing his collection. I still can't tell whether the models he chose are actually skinnier than those in other shows, or if the 10" shoes creates an illusion of extreme thinness. Either way, I was somewhat taken aback by it. Gorgeous collection of clothes though! I can't wait to see what Olivier comes up with for his own line (fingers crossed).

elizabeth said...

yeah, i agree about the models. i'm not someone who usually cares about this type of thing but it was the first thing i noticed. these models legs.. ughh, they make me feel sick! definitely skinnier than models used in any other shows.

Ashita said...

Yay! I knew it

Both of you have awesome style!

We need More DIY's during this economic crunch

Pixienish said...

Dellal hair! :) Maybe its the sky-high platforms that are making them look so skinny? I loved Nina Ricci too!

Anonymous said...

Judging by the red sweater you're wearing in that picture I think this might be you

love ur blog:)

Lisa said...


you are SUCH A STAR.
i love the first catwalk picture.

you are so prettty it is crazy.
and i seriously still love your ladybug sweater.
WE must do a vintage shop & swap ;)
yes yes.

AHHH i thought the EXACT same thing when i saw nina ricci.
I WAS IN AWE of the collection + shoes.
and so inspired by the mastermind.
but their legs... definitely skinnier girls than others.
i do know that some are naturally this thin, but sometimes it is just overboard, i know this IS FASHION and it is real life, but ah when it is painfully thin, that is just not healthy to showcase to anyone, even if it is natural, because 99.9% of the population ( and fashion world) is normal!!! and their are TOO many girls looking at these pictures who are mentally + physically triggered.

ah. sorry for ranting!

BUT it was SUCH an amazing collection
out of this world.
and Lanvin.... i LOVED it.
too much goodness.

hope you are well beauty.
chat soon.


heleen db said...

Theyskens once said (about his... s/s07 collection I think but I could be wrong) that he didn't had the intention to pick out skinny girls but that it were the clothes and the shoes that made them look so thin. Maybe it's the same with this collection?

ANYWAY you look gorgeous, tired or not!

style munch said...

ugh im glad someone else noticed the extreme thinness of his models so that im not the only one bitchin about it!

proudly says, said...

you're very beautiful.
i love your angelic looks!

Stephanie said...

I agree, love the supers!
Also L O V E Nina Ricci FW09!!!


Don't Be A Hero said...

I know what you mean, it's sad that these girls are forced to comply to these impossible standards. I'm so glad you're speaking out about it, it apparently hasn't been enough that those of us outside the fashion world have been speaking out.

Other than that the show was amazing, I can't believe olivier's leaving!

oh and I love your dellal hair, did you notice how many shows did that this season? crazy town

Lydia said...

I completely agree with the too skinny! Not that I think that all high fashion models should be size 14 or anything like that, I just appreciate not being able to see where bones and ligaments start and end!

You are a perfect example of a healthy looking model. Thank you =D

Lydia said...

Oh AND you and Shini look gorgeous, I love the 90's hair.

Alice X said...

yeah, no SERIOUSLY those girls were SOOo sooo thin but maybe it was just the shoes. their legs looks soooo soo long.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the skinnies!
It was a bit scary. I want to go in there bearing cupcakes. Those poor girls!

Fashion Tidbits said...

plus it's looking a little too Balmain for my liking

Manda said...

whoa, thought it was just me that noticed the extreme thinness. Obviously not. So many thighs that aren't touching!

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