Thomas Wylde

If i had more time on my hands i would certainly be doing a DIY of these Thomas Wylde leggings. Sex on legs.

(photo credit, net a porter)
Perhaps a little more like my DIY from a few months back with the chains, a little less regular.

In other news, I have new boots! I was giving my green ones such a workout that it was time to buy another all purpose pair. Doc Martens were an obvious choice, so comfortable! I'd seen a few people around town with them on and I was going to buy the Darcie red pair as in Sinha Stanic and Chloe Sevigny (ultimate style icon!) but opted of the patent black, just a little more glam and versatile. Thinking I may buy the Cherry Red pair aswell now that Ive been scanning more pics. Maybe next week.

I'm could also be interested in the much higher Dee style... I couldn't come to London without getting hold of at least one pair of Docs!


MqR said...


que botas mas estupendas


Goldie Locks said...

Wow the heeled Docs are amazing - and waterproof :) The leggings are awesome too...

Jojo said...

I love the leggings in the top pic. As for the Docs I really want the red pair. i've never owned a pair and am starting to regret it. Are they as comfy as they look??

Anonymous said...

those shoes are hot

Fashion Tidbits said...

yay go for it!

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I love the chains on those tights so much. I definitely would like to experiment with that.

pangea said...

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Style On Track said...

Those shoes are too hot to be true!

pigtails&blushingcheeks said...

where have you been all my life??
those heeled docs are soo amazing


Vintage Tea said...

Oh love the boots you bought. And you could defo DIY those leggings.

Check me out at


Lauren said...

I LOVE these! And you were amazing at LFW, it was the first ever catwalk show I've seen and it was magical! You looked incredibly beautiful.

x x x

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