Summer Winter

Revise, Recycle, Restyle! Thats been my motto ever since I've been living out of a single suitcase in London. I've tried to pack everything so that I could start each day choosing my outfit like a game of mix and match. Here's me at my shoot yesterday at Baddow House in Essex wearing my summer moo moo (sp?) dress with a bodysuit-like tight set underneath. This dress could be my favourite - so breezy and comfortable it reminds me of my holiday in Turkey last year. Oh summer where art thou? Not here.

dress, Turkish market (Yalikivak)
tights, Target
top, metalicus
boots, Doc Martens
jacket, custom made


Milk It Honey said...

the dress is so fun. i like what you did with it!

pink0spider said...

I'm truly in love with your leather jacket!
Wish I could find one like that :)

Beautiful pictures, like always <3

Midnight traveller said...

Your 'backdrop'is gorgeous! Thanks to you I have now convinced myself that maybe I need some Doc's too. They look fantastic evertime.


Bambola said...

That dress is gorgeous!!

Cindy said...

must buy these docs. i'm in love with them and your blog. .... i may have already commented about this on another post... i can't remember if i wrote it or just thought it, ha. anyways, there's no harm in saying it twice, lovely.

PUG and PIPS said...

I love how you toughened this dress up by adding lots of black. Very nice Zanita!

grace e. said...

love love love! especially your boots and jacket! and I have to agree with midnight traveller...the backdrop is gorgeous!

<3 grace e.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your outfit posts since you've been in London! They've been so inspiring.. and I really want those patent doc martens now

xx Charlotte

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