The Precious

The most precious thing I discovered today - the Pink Dolphin, who resides at Calcasieu Lake, Indiana. I want to get a picture of the Pink Dolphin printed on a T-shirt because I think he is just that fabulous. I wonder if the other dolphins pick on him for being different?
To read the article about this little treasure go HERE

Also, thanks so much Jana for uploading my advertisement from the Zero campaign featured in German Glamour mag. I really appreciate your help - i would have never known otherwise! Wish my hair would grow as long as it is in the picture but its extensions. I had my hair ruined last week from all the shows and as a result had to have a big haircut. Has anyone out there had experience with those hair, skin and nails vitamins? I want my hair to grow faster and stronger! Modelling works havoc on my poor locks.


Milk It Honey said...

wait...there's a pink dolphin in Indiana?!!! how have i never heard about this. im off to do some research right now.

Anonymous said...

that is truly amazing! and that the pink dolphin hadnt been seen previously to now?! its gorgeous :) by the way... how do you find the time to go to castings, do shows, shoots, blog AND trawl the net for wacky article about pink dolphins?? if you have a time machine or some secret cloning device i demand you share :) there arent enough hours in the day for the stuff i wanna get done!

Zanita said...

ha - yes well actually my boyfriend pointed it out to me this morning while we were chatting on skype. And today i actually had a day off!

proudly says, said...

is this real? omg, the dolphin looks so sweet!

Hot Bot said...

Omg, pink dolphin just made my day.

brooke said...

i have found fish oil tablets to be REALLY good. I tried them originally because I had dry skin from other medications, but found my nails started growing stronger and my hair is nicer. hasnt been growing quicker though - protein rich foods are supposed to be good for that!

i love that dolphin huh.

Brooke xx

Isa said...

I´ve heard of the pink dolphin and even if it is said to be a simple albino, it still looks so amazing.. and pink!

thank you for adding me to the blogroll, I´m massively blushing right now (pink dolphin reference again, haha), partly caused by your overly sweet comment, partly because of the rosé wine I had.
but yeah, of course I´d love to stay in touch and meeting up when you´re in hamburg sounds great to me! have you been here before?

take care and I want to see you in your pink dolphin tee soon! ;)

Kaila said...


Cindy said...

love the pink dolphin. it's so cool. as for vitamins, biotin is suppose to be really good.

ahmi-ahmi said...

wow!! i didnt know there WAS pink dolphin

nature's pretty amazing sometimes, huh?

by the way LOVE your blog!

Lisa said...


ah we are two peas in a pod.
seriously- how much fun would we have together?

hands down. favorite show of the season.
my jaw dropped.

hmm hair: when you get out of the shower blast it with ice cold water for a few seconds- it makes the hair super shiny
+ i have heard omega 3 is good for hair/skin/nails
+vitamin D ( i think?)

THAT dolphin is the sweeeeetest + get this --- at this moment i am watching national geographic and it is about KILLLLER dolphins!!!!
can you believe it? it is scary. they are showing people who have been attacked by these precious mammals & also people who are feeding them animal junk food/cigarettes/sunglasses in unregulated petting tanks!!!!!! it is so sad.

have a good weekend girl
you are back in AUSSIE SO SOON!!!!!!


Shin said...

Wow, a pink dolphin! How cute! I feel for your hair. Whenever I see the model's hair being pulled everywhere by stylists, I feel bad. I would recommend pantene shampoo or dove, they're really gentle and makes your hair clean and fresh! xxoxoxoxo

i love said...

this reminds me.. rumi of fashion toast was wearing one of the dresses (cutout dress) at And i thought the model on looked amazingly like you - Awesome! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zanita
Re hair growth, switch to an organic shampoo, if you haven't already. the brand Jason is good. also, try the Dr Hauschka Neem hair tonic and massage it in; it will keep your hair healthy as it grows and the massage action will stimulate growth.
Oily fish once a week and plenty of seeds, especially linseed, and you shouldn't need supplements...
Sleep is important too
I had a similar issue a couple of years back (I have really fine hair) and it has been sorted and my hair is longer, thicker and healthier than i ever thought possible...
Love your blog X

Call Me Cat said...

Pink dolphins? I never knew about this! How gorgeous and definitely blog worthy!! :)

vogue said...

wow dolphins are my favourite! what a rare site-its so cute!
As for your hair kevin murphy treatments are amazing on your hair and they are organic. I only use the best stuff in my hair, simply coz its blonde and goes through so much bleach and heating tools i would reccomend this to anyone my hair is always silky soft and shiny! and take fish oil tablets daily ive found that helps to and with nail growth :) goodluck xx

LoveMore said...

oh the pink dolphin!!!!!!!! so adorable i know! i love it.

just caught up on all your posts..your winter style is just as fab as your summer aussie style :) you look like you have been having the time of your life!

when you coming back to aust?? also would you like to exchange links???

love LM xxx

saray said...

wow! it's so amazing.. i'd love to see one

Fashion Tidbits said...

eeee!!! cool a pink dolphin!!!!!

maud said...

this is awesome !!!!

Paper Ice Cream said...

This is remarkable!
Oh my goodness I have so many questions. Like how many pink dolphins are there and how did they get that way? THIS HAS MADE MY DAY!

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