Alan Carr

Forgot to post earlier that I had the delight of meeting British comic Alan Carr backstage at LFW. He's so gorgeous! He was sitting right at the end of the catwalk for one of the shows and everytime I got to the end I would grin like a complete duffer. If you've never heard of him you gotta click HERE. I have such an affinity for comedians, they are so quick witted it astounds me.


Marie said...

Hah, awesome! (and your blog too)

Anonymous said...

May I say you look stunning Mademoiselle! Even more so in real actually, Shini did mention you & your blog after the show, and I must say I remembered you on the catwalk because you had that great smile and charisma, really!

Your blog is a lovely discovery too, I hope you've been enjoying London! Where are you from originally?

Anyway, completely agreed with you about the Paris shows, I loved Nina Ricci & Givenchy too, and also fell in love with Stella! Can't wait for Vuitton!!!

Bisous! Alizé x

phamzy said...

you are very stunning! your smile is soooooooooo sweet!

proudly says, said...

you always look gorgeous, lady.
and i love looking your photos.

Jana said...

Hey Zanita,

I've found you today in the German "Glamour" magazine ;)
I took two pictures and uploaded them for you.

You look amazing in this advertisement!

Fashion Tidbits said...

hey zanita~ do you think we could do a blog swap?

Amanda said...

you are stunning zanita!! love the blog

Gabi said...

I love Alan Carr!!! Comedians (especially British ones are the best) Have you heard of Peter Kaye? If not, get the DVD Live at Blackpool Tower - you will be laughing for hours!

Anonymous said...

love your blog.

you look a bit like cate blanchett here?

Isa said...

such a gorge.
and how cool that you get to meet such fascinating personalities?
comedians are so cool, seems like their mind never sleeps.

and yeah, glamour germany, congrats!


Dooder City said...

how fabulous. great blog.

vogue said...

hello hun, hope all is well...just on the fashion spot and there is a thread going about you, jusst thought i would share :)

SteloucheBabouche said...

Woooo I love the Make up !


The Voguette said...

you are SOOOO pretty my dear - i dont know why you dont model. lol. And you are so lucky to be in london!

loveeee givenchy. totally agreed.

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