Red Velvet

Finally have a bit more time and resources to apply myself a little more thoroughly to my blog. These two pics are a bit of a rush job though and I'm obviously still teething on the photoshop effects. I included my finger knitting scarf which looking at the pictures is now something I really despise and wish I didn't wear but I honestly can't be bother taking some new ones - sorry!
I've had these velvet shorts for awhile and I love them but I've always found them a little problematic to style into something cool... i think the burgundy works best with neutrals so I've tried out this new top I bought in Zara. I love the loose folding and its so comfortable, silk blend.
Also, heres my new sunglasses from Jigsaw. I wish they were a little rounder and thicker but they'll suffice for the rest of my Aussie summer.
Still obsessing over 90's supermodels....

shorts, Elsom
shirt, Zara
sunglasses, Jigsaw
shoes, Sojo at Zomp


Another Year

I'm smiling today because I'm in Sydney and the weather is AMAZING and its my birthday! Woohoo!


Farewell London!

Me looking guilty with chocolate birthday cake and Champers at a pyjama party, Whisky Mist

Catriona and I trying to catch some sun at my favourite English seaside destination, Brighton.

Heading back to Oz tomorrow morning on a 7.30am flight trio via Helsinki and Hong Kong. It will surely be another exhausting experience but I truly can't wait to be back on home soil. I've had an incredible time in London and hope to back as soon as possible, in just over a month. Please excuse that I likely won't be making any further posts until after the weekend, I'll need a bit of R&R.
I thought it was about time for me to make a few honorable mentions. I have been tagged a few times over the last few months and have neglected to pass on the favour which I know has been awfully slack of me so its time to share a little bit of love. Here are a few girls whose blogs I read regularly and always seek to for a little bit of style stimulation. Click image for link.

You can find....
Fresh styling and uber cool DIY's at Pug and Pips

Lessons in layering perfection at Park and Cube

30 days of fabulousness at Public Personae

Stunning and comfortable chic at Leese Looks

Candy cute pictures and fun styling at Alice X in Wonderland

I hope I could direct some of you to a new favourite blogger! I'll be doing another one of these posts in a couple weeks, there are just too many amazing bloggers out there to not spread the news around.

EDIT: Thanks so much to the completely stunning CLEO who is representing Istanbul in the fashion stakes for your tags. Please check out her blog also its well worth a peek. xo


Nerd Factor

I had a brilliant time in Brighton over the weekend shopping and eating and drinking. Heres a few pictures I took whilst perusing for sunglasses in a store but became distracted by the fantastic array of spectacles. I have near perfect sight but if my eyes had a sudden deterioration I'd be elated about sporting the top pair with the clear yellow frame. The second pair are great too, like Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville (one of my favourite flicks!). I've had sunglasses on my mind of late, I found a completely brilliant pair in Jigsaw the other day similar to those from the Dries Van Noten FW09 show but the women told me they were 90 quid. I just saw them online now for 42 so obviously she gave me some wrong information, I'm definately going to buy them tomorrow.

Not so notably fashionable today but I purchased this hippy poncho in brighton and I cant wait to wear it back in summery Sydney. Now that I'm leaving london (only to return in a month!) I've had a few days off and am really glad to have the time to relax and dress like a hobo.

Really craving a swimsuit like this gingham treasure modelled by a young Claudia - H&M have a few in a similar style so perhaps its time to pick up a new one.... only thing is about bikinis, i only ever wear them a few times... I have so many!
The original supers have been a great source of inspiration for me recently. No one does power glamour like that amazing group of women!

Note to self: Dark brows, big hair, white collared shirt.



Testing Testing

Heres a bunch of shots from a test I did recently with photographer Phillip Waterman, the theme being jumpsuits. This is actually the second shoot I've done recently with jumpsuits and its ironic because I actually really despise them! Not because I think they are ugly its just that I've always thought they look really terrible on me. Thankfully now I've found a few exceptions! This was a fun shoot because I got to use a bit of personality.
I'm feeling really frustrated right now. This afternoon I was walking down the street and out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone wearing a cardigan I recognised from somewhere. After walking about ten metres it came to me the person I saw was none other than Gala from Amlul! I turned around to chase her down and began retracing my steps frantically but among the intense Oxford street crowds she was no where to be seen. I wanted to tell her how inspirational her style and blog are to me and take a picture of the two of us together but am now left pining for what could have been... Oh Gala! I hope I bump into you again!
I'm heading to Brighton tomorrow on a little tourist venture so expect a few happy snaps of me chilling (literally) by the beach by sunday.
Hope you all have a sunny weekend!


Wonderful Warm

This is a pic of Catriona and I being tourists in Green Park on deck chairs eating strawberries. So spring.
Today was also unusually and brilliantly warm. I was shooting outside for half the day wearing short dresses and barely felt a chill. The sun was shining and the sky was blue and the good weather shall keep on coming. Planning a trip to Brighton this weekend I cant wait!
Wish I had something to post about fashion today other than the fact that I'm in love with with the latest British Vogue editorial 'Mood Indigo' with Anna Seleneza, styled by Kate Phelan. Now needing denim of all styles and perhaps a DIY iron on patches attempt Ashish style. Trying to find a scan to illustrate my interest but its a fruitless task. Perhaps I'll stumble upon it shortly.

As you can see I've constructed a new header for myself - Its a little melancholy but I love it because it was shot on film, by Sanjay Kalideen.

Also, you can vote me in the blog awards by clicking the link of the left - but only if you think I'm worthy :)


Sun Bird

My stern expression today is I think a product of my new cape which makes me feel like a superhero in disguise.
I'm really happy to be seeing the light peeking through the clouds anyway. London is so beautiful in the spring light. A little spot of sunshine and I turn into a sunflower!
Also, very pleased to have discovered a new use for my American Apparel skirt - I've been looking for a capelet similar to those in the last two London Josh Goot shows and the skirt has proven an able substitute.

cape, Shepherds Bush Market
grey thermal, Mountain Designs
trousers, Joseph
skirt, AA (worn as capelet)
boots, Doc Martens
bag, Mimco
ipod playing Crystal Castles


Spooky Miss

Purchased this fabulous cape with eyelets from the Shepherds Bush Market for just 20 quid. It originally had disgusting cheap pom pom gadgets hanging from the eyelet but I gave them the flick. The market has loads of cape/poncho/moo moo style affairs which I'm quite obsessed with. I just love to be dripping in fabric - I need a massive knitted scarf a la Burberry FW09.
I wanted to head outside to take a picture but couldn't open the back door because of those old fashioned locks which I can never quite get the hang of. Will take a better one tomorrow.
cape, Shepherds Bush Market
capelet, American Apparel (skirt worn as capelet)
zipper skirt, Stylestalker


The Precious

The most precious thing I discovered today - the Pink Dolphin, who resides at Calcasieu Lake, Indiana. I want to get a picture of the Pink Dolphin printed on a T-shirt because I think he is just that fabulous. I wonder if the other dolphins pick on him for being different?
To read the article about this little treasure go HERE

Also, thanks so much Jana for uploading my advertisement from the Zero campaign featured in German Glamour mag. I really appreciate your help - i would have never known otherwise! Wish my hair would grow as long as it is in the picture but its extensions. I had my hair ruined last week from all the shows and as a result had to have a big haircut. Has anyone out there had experience with those hair, skin and nails vitamins? I want my hair to grow faster and stronger! Modelling works havoc on my poor locks.


Alan Carr

Forgot to post earlier that I had the delight of meeting British comic Alan Carr backstage at LFW. He's so gorgeous! He was sitting right at the end of the catwalk for one of the shows and everytime I got to the end I would grin like a complete duffer. If you've never heard of him you gotta click HERE. I have such an affinity for comedians, they are so quick witted it astounds me.


New Way

The sunglasses, the palate, the simplicity, the shapes. Reminiscent of the 40's cool chic. My new favourite style influence - Dries Van Noten.

Female Form

Adriana Lima

Lara Stone

Ana Claudia Michels

Leticia Birkhauer

Louise Pederson

Karen Elson

Jessica Miller

Isabelli Fontana

Eniko Mihalik
The Givenchy show was brilliant in a powerful way. Strong amazing women in incredible clothing. What a stark contrast to some other shows in Paris... can it be time for the fashion and modelling industry to breathe a collective sigh of relief and reach for that extra canape?

Summer Winter

Revise, Recycle, Restyle! Thats been my motto ever since I've been living out of a single suitcase in London. I've tried to pack everything so that I could start each day choosing my outfit like a game of mix and match. Here's me at my shoot yesterday at Baddow House in Essex wearing my summer moo moo (sp?) dress with a bodysuit-like tight set underneath. This dress could be my favourite - so breezy and comfortable it reminds me of my holiday in Turkey last year. Oh summer where art thou? Not here.

dress, Turkish market (Yalikivak)
tights, Target
top, metalicus
boots, Doc Martens
jacket, custom made


Crazed Locks

Sporting a crazed hairstyle from my London Fashion Weekend work I took the timeout to snap a few outfit pictures. Obviously I wasn't taking them, my favourite model friend Catriona did and I'm hoping to get a few pictures of her also next time we hang out because shes so very stylish, I can do a couple double outfit posts! Anyway my outfit is pretty boring black but I thought it was amusing because I'm pretty sure this shirt dress is actually supposed to be a nightie, its made from velour towelling or something. You've heard about converting dresses from office to night - well here's sleepwear to day. Very comfortable.

ALSO - thanks to Refinery29 for my spotty feature! HERE

shirtdress, Joseph
boots, Doc Martens
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