Waiting Game

The last few days of I've spent my little bit of spare time perusing over and I'm very excited about the all the shows but I wont be blogging anything about that until I can really give all of them a good cataloguing and analysis... instead Ive compiled a bunch of rushed snaps of my little journeys from castings to casting or surprise surprise, the hours of waiting around. Taken over the last two days, I had planned on making a kind of diary but basically I didn't even have a moment to sit for lunch so taking pictures wasnt my priority (eating lunch was!). Hope these are a little entertaining, pictures of the unentertained....

Starting the day with my rocket juice....

Models wait outside.

Models wait in stairwell. (sorry about the sideways, will fix later)

The line goes further up stairs...and takes an hour and a half to get to the front! Tough when you still have ten more castings to get to.

The radiant Amber and I know how to wait.

Camera shy model? Too cute.

This casting was next door to a prison... big bus mission.

The mega casting, loads of designers, loads of strutters - one big hall. Best way to have it, saves loads of time.

Drinks and a cloak room! Such great service! Unusual for a casting, very pleasant.

Nothing to do with anything, but i found some ACTUAL mistletoe. One of the small joys of my day.
More to come, should get some really cool ones once the shows start.
My feet are murder right now yet I've been invited out to a nice dinner with another load of models from my agency and all of them wear heels - theres nothing that makes you feel frumpier than when your the only one wearing flats particularly when you know the girls i know!
Thanks to everyone for sticking around and reading my blog, I know I havent been quite so diligent, but aiming to improve (aiming to aquire new clothes too!)


Anonymous said...

I love your stories about your life as a model, it's so interesting, sometimes I wish to become a model too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Castings sounds so exciting! (Albeit perhaps a little bit boring at times when you have to wait hours...)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures of the models waiting on the stairs. I think you'll look great even in flats so no worries. Can't wait to see more pictures :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! Thursday night opening star **last night**! I would love you to come!

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

great candid shots! and funny about the mistletoe, i've never seen it in real life either :) xx

bittersweet life said...

It's so interesting to see all the photos - can't wait to see more! good luck with the shows!

S* said...

You look absolutely perfect in the picture with Amber!!

So interesting to know more about the model's world!


Baybay Mama said...

I love your blog. How fabulous.

Anonymous said...

ah! i miss caffe nero!

smartheit said...

this is a great great post!!

thanks for letting us in to your life :-)

..I just put you on my favortie blogger list!!


come visit

Shini said...

Baaah why am I not running into you!? and I would also like to run into a big crowd of male models ;)

Don't Be A Hero said...

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that's not mistletoe, it's holly. mistletoe grows on other trees, usually very lofty ones, probably where that whole kissing under it thing came from cuz where I live if your under a tree you're under the mistletoe

(note to self, take random hot guys into forest)

(note to self, previous note now does not sound so good when read aloud. in fact, it's just creepy. what's wrong with you, Self?!?)

gawd I'm the biggest dork :P

leeselooks said...


ah- the wonderful world of models!
so fun.
i freakin' love your ladybug sweater.
i want it!

i hope you are truly enjoying everything about london!
+ hopefully spring, spring soon!!!!!!
sunshine always makes things better.

sending all my love beauty.


Unknown said...

wow london looks freezing but im sure your hitting it big time over there!
Also i tagged you in my latest post :)

Nicole Then said...

ooh! take more of these pictures please :) i like!

haylin said...

good job~

micol zanzuri said...

god... that is a long line!!!

anna said...

what a long line!! hope u get to find some time to rest despite your tight schedule! loving your pics =)

brooke said...

wow, I have so been hunting pictures of real mistletoe! it looks so cute. Your photos make me want a model life! even if there is a lot of waiting, haha. I hope it is a fun job for you.

Brooke xx

Pixienish said...

I think I've seen her in teenvogue before :) Hahaha. Looks like fun. Good luck Zanita!

Christina said...

cool reading about a models everyday job. I see now that it's a lot og waiting, and in the end your're not guaranteed a job after all the hard work.

Keep it up!

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Great shots!

I love that red polka dotted sweater.

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Cate said...

Mmmmm...that's not mistletoe! Love your blog, though...

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