Natasha Khan

For those of you who haven't yet discovered the band Bat for Lashes you have to know Natasha Khan. She is my new style crush - I love her haircut and and unique sense of style - particularly into the facepaint, must try! The bands website is brilliant too - HERE. Its loaded with great snaps of Natasha and moody artworks. I'd probably put Natasha in league with the likes of Roisin Murphy, Bjork and Goldfrapp for her original aesthetic - she looks so cute in an indian headdress! The bands new album Two Suns comes out April 7 - can't wait!!
(all pics courtesy of batforlashes.com)


Milk It Honey said...

she is completely adorable! btw did you notice Rumi wearing a dress on her blog that you modeled on Stylestalker?

Alice X said...

she looks similar to lily allen but dresses completely diffferently. i'll start listening:)


La Couturier said...

I love that last photo; the hair pieces she wears are so bold & fun!
La C.

katie said...

i love bat for lashes.
her new album has leaked already! it is really something fantastic, i hope you enjoy it.

proudly says, said...

you're so gorgeous.
i just started blogging, would like to add you as one of my links. visit my site,


Katie Has A Gun said...

i love her nose the most

MJ. said...

Wow! Thanks hun for discovering it to me! She's adorable! ANd their music is great!!
Hope you're getting some rest these days...u must be so tired of so much work!!


Stompface said...

oh heck yes. I love this lady.
I didn't even realise a new album was coming out. HOORAY HOORAY.


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