Hemyca Backstage


Another show I did on Sunday where I managed to get some snaps. The make-up theme was 'Venetian Mask' which was pretty interesting, quite cirque-du-soleil. The eyebrows were waxed over and the hairline was sprayed white - I think I probably still have white spray in my ears! The were some great leather jackets in the range I'd love to get my hands on.


heleen said...

oh you look like a fairy! :D it's beautiful :]

Pixienish said...

Zanita, did you walk for Josh Goot? I checked the shows again today hahaha. You looked amazing!

Mom Fashion World said...

you're so beautiful and you do look more beautiful with fantasy make up.
i just started blogging, would love to exchange links with you.
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i just added yours.

MJ. said...

You look incredible in both posts!! (even though the previous one's make up was kind of weird...)
I'm so glad u're getting so much work to do!!I can see a great future for u on this industry!!!Cant wait to see more of your works!!:P


cleo said...

you pull that makeup on babe:)looks gorgeous!!!

Camila Mongelli said...

I love your blog, I love your style and I love your work. You really inspire me Zanita !

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Very cool makeup!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

the make up looks fab girl! x LM

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