Healthy Day

Big big thankyou to Julitta at Bi-Style for pointing out to me another cover of Healthy living Germany. It looks like a warm winter picture but I was actually in summery spain mid last year for the shoot - It was so much fun! I really am so lucky and grateful to have a job where I get to travel, even though I always miss my boyfriend immensely.


Shen-Shen said...

You look gorgeous! And you ARE lucky.. I've always wanted to travel!

Don't Be A Hero said...

absolutely bitchin, you look epic darlin!

Lisa said...


you are so pretty that it is crazzzzzzzzzy.

oh my. i love your lovebug sweater.

i can't wait to catch up.
how is london?
how was sydney?

love loves.


Hippiegirl said...

wow i'm form germany and i know that magazine :)
you're so unbelieveble pretty!!!

Fell4fashion said...

Ur beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I saw this cover with you when i was in Berlin last week while bying fruit, and i told the guys i was with about your blog. they think you look vvvery beautiful, and you look healthy too

nora said...

You look so beautiful on this!!!

I saw the magazine this morning, and thought to scan it for you, but Julitta was faster ^^

C.B. said...

Yep, you are sooo lucky!! I wish I could travel around the world!

vogue said...

radiant and glowing with beauty my dear!
Did you do the stylestalker lookbook photoshoot? i swear it looks like you :)

LoveMore said...

oh you glowing beauty! you look wonderful :)

so glad you are doing well.

xx LM

Igor+andré said...

yes!! woot woot!
congrats my friend! :)

miky said...

gorgeus cover!

Chicisimo said...

You look awesome! I also love traveling:)

keep doing so well!


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