Groove Thing

Very sleepy right now I have had such a long day of working - did two great shows AND met a GORGEOUS fellow blogger which i'll be raving about in a post tomorrow sometime. For now I had to get up these pics from a show I did for Alexandra Groover a few days ago... Some backstage, one on catwalk - really not the best shots, again I have a useless camera for indoors so I tried to use photobucket effects to spruce a few of them up... It was a great show however - beautiful tailoring and monotone palate.

Think I may have a day off tomorrow - fingers crossed, my feet are so sore I really need some respite from impossible heels and continuous pounding of the pavement. At least it hasn't been raining!


Alice X said...

you look gorgeous zanita but i'm not diggint he makeup too much, still backstage seems like SOO much fun. :) all the best

S.A.A. said...

You look like you have the most amount of fun despite any tiredness! I absolutely adore your blog so keep up the stylish work.

xo querido.

Chicisimo said...

I think I agree with Alice about the makeup, but you look awesome as usual!

grace e. said...

Fierce! Is this London fashion week?

frances said...

You look stunning! Congratulations, and keep up the fantastic work. x

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