Slouch Up

Whenever I do a shoot I always want to be wearing something cosy and my new Joseph knit coat is cosy perfection. It was supposed to have a pin to hold it together but it didn't have one so I just tied it up with my cashmere scarf. No elephants were harmed in the making of this woolly number.

woollen coat, Joseph
trousers, Joseph
shirt, H&M
boots, H&M
scarf, BChyll
'Your french wont save you now" pendant, Stolen Girlfriends Club


So Goot

Easily my biggest post yet but I'm sure you can understand why - These are some backstage shots from Josh Goot's show on Tuesday, which I was fortunate enough to have taken part in. The clothes were so beautiful - I'm particularly obsessed with the speckled print suit. Certainly the highlight of my entire fashion week and a high point in my modelling career. It was really exciting to work along side these incredible models like Elsa Sylvan, Yordanos Teshager and Sara Blomquist but I was quite the amazon comparatively... I imagined them all taller in real life! I was pretty nervous about walking in those amazing shoes I actually had a minor wobble in the first outfit as I was turning past all the photographers on their stand but these things happen, don't think they took pictures of models turning anyway.
Another INCREDIBLE highlight from doing the Josh Goot show was meeting the beautiful Ashleigh who was helping out with the dressing and actually recognised me from my blog! I couldn't believe it when she approached me and knew who I was it was a total shock. Ashleigh if you are reading this thankyou so much for all those nice things you said to me, I was seriously stressed out and you were a breath of fresh air - and a very stylish one at that! I'll definately try to make an extra effort to not go so many days without posting something interesting so its worth you checking on here. For everyone else, Ashleigh is the gal in the cool specs and leather dress (topshop) with the scarf worn as a belt (bardot).
The very last pic is from the Fashion East show I did, wearing a metal shirt dress from Maria Francesca Pepe. My friend Susie told me that I was in yesterdays Mx (free trashy newspaper in Australia) wearing it. Funny thing, I was rushing from Josh Goot to fashion east and never had a chance to check the catwalk before I had to walk on it. I was the closing model and there were a set of stairs at the start which I thought you could walk around to get off but I couldn't so I had to double back... Roisin Murphy was in the front row and and a gave her a big grin as I was walking off. I'm such a fan! She's AMAZING.

P.S. I wore outfits 14 and 29 at Josh Goot and they are my most favourite and lucky numbers - coincidence?!

(photo credits,,,


Hemyca Backstage


Another show I did on Sunday where I managed to get some snaps. The make-up theme was 'Venetian Mask' which was pretty interesting, quite cirque-du-soleil. The eyebrows were waxed over and the hairline was sprayed white - I think I probably still have white spray in my ears! The were some great leather jackets in the range I'd love to get my hands on.

Groove Thing

Very sleepy right now I have had such a long day of working - did two great shows AND met a GORGEOUS fellow blogger which i'll be raving about in a post tomorrow sometime. For now I had to get up these pics from a show I did for Alexandra Groover a few days ago... Some backstage, one on catwalk - really not the best shots, again I have a useless camera for indoors so I tried to use photobucket effects to spruce a few of them up... It was a great show however - beautiful tailoring and monotone palate.

Think I may have a day off tomorrow - fingers crossed, my feet are so sore I really need some respite from impossible heels and continuous pounding of the pavement. At least it hasn't been raining!


100 Posts!

So this is my 100th post and I wish I had something a little more inspired to post about but I'm completely exhausted. Over the last week I have attended SO many castings and had two shows (perhaps more in the next week, perhaps not) and its really taken it out of me. To be very honest I'd have to say that the castings have been harder than I expected, not only because there is so much effort to travel between them but because there are masses of amazing show specialist models waiting in line at every single one and though I feel confident in my ability to work in the shows I'm a little bit more woman than most designers will bargain for (and proud of it!!!). In the end I do what I can and I'm really happy to have done the shows I've been booked for. I'll be posting up pictures in the next few days of backstage for all to see but for now the above outfit is what I wore on friday - I had my picture taken for Australian Oyster, Italian Amica and Russian Vogue so if anyone sees me in any of these let me know! I think it was the scarf that piqued the photographers attention, its a winner, I bought it in Harajuku when I was on holiday in Tokyo and I think it could be good luck. Gotta represent with my Aussie colours too!

Bowler Hat, vintage purchased in Hamburg
Scarf, vintage purchased in Tokyo
Cardigan, Zara
Jeans, Lee
Shirt, H&M
Bag, Mimco
Heels, Irregular choice (NEW!!) I bought them because I broke my strappy Mollinis :(


New Shoot

Some images I've taken from Models1 website from my new editorial shot by Paul Farrell and styled by Ursula Lake at Cliveden lodge (see post from a couple weeks back). I'm so happy with the results but I don't have a scanner to put them all up, ill edit this post at a later date with the whole shoot in bigger format. The first dress is Sonia Rykiel and the black and white photo is Kenzo. The one with the Dolce and Gabbana mesh and flowered gown looks quite cool but the image is so tiny its hard to see. I also wore the chanel gown below - it still had Elsa's name taped inside it! It was pretty amazing to wear these gowns, and the shoes too! Those lattice strap shoes from the s/s09 YSL show were at the shoot and I got to try them on but they didnt end up using them... Oh the fantasy! It was special to imagine it was all mine, even if just for one day.



Waiting Game

The last few days of I've spent my little bit of spare time perusing over and I'm very excited about the all the shows but I wont be blogging anything about that until I can really give all of them a good cataloguing and analysis... instead Ive compiled a bunch of rushed snaps of my little journeys from castings to casting or surprise surprise, the hours of waiting around. Taken over the last two days, I had planned on making a kind of diary but basically I didn't even have a moment to sit for lunch so taking pictures wasnt my priority (eating lunch was!). Hope these are a little entertaining, pictures of the unentertained....

Starting the day with my rocket juice....

Models wait outside.

Models wait in stairwell. (sorry about the sideways, will fix later)

The line goes further up stairs...and takes an hour and a half to get to the front! Tough when you still have ten more castings to get to.

The radiant Amber and I know how to wait.

Camera shy model? Too cute.

This casting was next door to a prison... big bus mission.

The mega casting, loads of designers, loads of strutters - one big hall. Best way to have it, saves loads of time.

Drinks and a cloak room! Such great service! Unusual for a casting, very pleasant.

Nothing to do with anything, but i found some ACTUAL mistletoe. One of the small joys of my day.
More to come, should get some really cool ones once the shows start.
My feet are murder right now yet I've been invited out to a nice dinner with another load of models from my agency and all of them wear heels - theres nothing that makes you feel frumpier than when your the only one wearing flats particularly when you know the girls i know!
Thanks to everyone for sticking around and reading my blog, I know I havent been quite so diligent, but aiming to improve (aiming to aquire new clothes too!)
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