Lost Toes

I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now as I finally post a well overdue outfit picture - though it isn't even todays outfit and apologies for the poor quality. It's me hanging out in Tokyo airport while I was walking around killing time. Thankfully it wasn't all that chilly in Tokyo, maybe 8 degrees... unlike london which feels like about minus 45 (thinking its a bit warmer than that). I had a restless nights sleep from all the flying and the changing of timezones and ended up journeying to Oxford Circus by 9am on account of being wide awake at a ridiculous hour of the morning. I had a few errands to run, getting a sim for my new Iphone (yay!) and aquiring some warmer leather gloves and some thermal socks. The pleasant surprise for the day was my old flatmate and one of my best friends arrived in town from his months of globetrotting and I got to hang with familiar face and have a bit of a pub crawl. I wore rubber heeled boots and long socks and somehow didnt manage to feel my toes again for about eight hours. It boggles my mind how people cope with the chill - I saw a girl at the bus stop this morning wearing ballet flats and no socks! I would sure lose toes if i tried to pull a stunt like that... theres only so far I'm willing to go for fashion (it's still pretty far).
The leather jacket pictured was a gift from my close friends Susie and Rachel (see pics in further back) and I'm completely obsessed with it so it will be featuring plenty more in upcoming posts.

leather jacket, Dede
knitted beret, handmade
scarf, Industrie
singlet, target
fingerless gloves, target
jeans, customise Zimmerman
boots, H&M
bag, Mimco


Maya said...

I love the bottom of your jeans and your hat. You look comfortable and stylish.

MJ. said...

You managed to look great and comfy at the same time!
Don't tell me it'll be so freaking cold in London 'cus I'm going there next Saturday! I hate when I can't feel my toes!!I think I'm gonna look like an onion (wearing layer over layer)...buuuuhhh...

Have a great time there! (even though the weather...)


Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...

nice beret!!!

Don't Be A Hero said...

haha, almost looks like you're hitchhiking with that hand up, which is dangerously appropraite :p

I'm totally in love with the jacket. And yay about the new iPhone! I love mine, just don't drop yours face down onto sharp rocks like I did :p

I grew up in Orange county and then moved to the mountains and the cold was a shock for me too, but you get used to it. I actually kinda love it now

Have fun in London!

LoveMore said...

oh you look cute as hon!
love the jeans and jacket! and i have fingerless gloves too..they are the best invention yet. love them. and of course Mimco - adoring that always.
hope you are having fun on your adventures xxx LM

Lisa said...


glad to know you are safe + settling.

my oh my. i need your winter inspiration :)
loving your JACKET. too much for words.
ah what wonderful girlfriends!!!

can't wait to hear more!!!
oooo how is the iphone? i must look into one. i am full on converting to MAC...i am a tad nervous.

oh dear- if you are cold there, i don't know how you would do here- it is 10 times that here. frost-bite-city.

stay warm love.


Nicole Then said...

cool! i love the hat

Anonymous said...

Hey Zanita,
glad you arrived safely! Say hi to Dave for me.

Ev told me about Hilton Tokyo Airport.. shame we didn't end up organising the accommodation.

Anyway, so I started a crappy little blog while i have nothing to do, so feel free to drop by and say hi!!


brooke said...

you have fantastic, fantastic style. I just found your blog and am so glad I have!! this looks so effortless and stylish yet comfortable and warm... love it :)

<3 brooke

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

i'm a summer bunny too! you look great in these pics! xx

cleo said...

you look gorgeous dear:)love the look!!!
take care

Sophie said...

girl you're so beautiful !

frncs said...

Bless you! Be thankful you aren't further north in the UK... it's bitter.
You look lovely, and I am jealous that you can pull off such a good hat! x

jessica said...

ouf, you're gorgeous !
love the outfit .


Anonymous said...

Congrats on cleo
You look amazingly beautiful! Hope to see more of u in the future xx good luck overseas!!xx

ANDY said...

I just found your blog (saw you on lookbook) and I love it!! You are adorable :)
Take a look at mine, maybe you will like it too
ciao bella!!

Cookie said...

nice blog! :)

Nil said...

I love this blog!! Definitely following from now on.

♥ fashion chalet said...

THAT HAT is above and beyond great! xxx

Olviya said...


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