London Trekker

Todays outfit for a load of castings - looking like a tourist - basically all I can do is work with what I have. Considering I spent last year with summer in europe then summer in Australia my winter wardrobe is more a hotch potch of what I could scrouge together, like a conversion of my summer clothes with a few extra coats and tights here and there. The brown coat with the fur collar was a little something I found in a bag of clothing about to be disposed of in the lobby of my old apartment building. One womans trash is a another girls treasure! It doesnt really co-ordinate with most of my pieces but its really warm, wool and angora. Hopefully if can get enough work I can supplement my suitcase full of things with a few new items so my style can be a little more commendable.
A few things I do need to post about - the sensational Pony Ryder posted my little greeting a while ago and I forgot to post about it, so I've now got a link HERE.
Also - whowhatwear featured me as a Myspace Muse for december - see HERE so thanks to those lovely ladies who pointed that out to me!
Finally, Models1 have updated my profile on the website HERE - just for those who haven't already seen them. I get so tired of seeing the same pictures of myself all the time...

Sleep Rant: The last four nights have been tough for me as I'm still adjusting to the new timezone - I keep falling asleep early and waking at exactly 3am each night. Last night I thought I'd combat the problem by managing to stay awake until 10.30pm and I still woke at 3! It really is a mystery... perhaps there is a cheeky poltergeist in my room that doesnt like people to sleep after 3am! What ever it is its wreaking havoc on the productivity of my day - I've been really tired and thats why I haven't managed the inspiration to take decent photos for my blog.

Finally I'd to wish a big Happy Birthday to my little sister Chloe - I'm sorry I can't be with you sis!

hat, Vintage
brown fur collar coat, scrounged
leather jacket, gift from Susie and Rach
grey shirt, Mountain designs
skirt, American Apparel
tights x2, Target
boots, H&M
gloves, Zara
bag, Mimco


meghan said...

i especially love that green bowler hat!

Shini said...

owwh hope to bump into you somewhere in London! check out canarby street and portobello road while you're here :D!

Zanita said...

I hope I run into too Shini! Ive been to carnaby st and will be headed to portobello asap, i love the shopping here.

saray said...

Love your outfit

Valentine said...

I love your bowler hat! perfect size and color in my opinion.. ;-)

Its also comforting to know that right now, there is also one other person in the world who cant sleep past 3am. I dont feel so alone anymore.

Happy castings!

goodbyestockholm said...

Love it! U r fab!

Maria said...

Ah, what an amazing outfit! I'd wear this anytime ;D


frncs said...

You look amazing, despite the lack of sleep. I hope you have a brilliant time, and I hope it doesn't rain too much while you're here.

Maria C said...

I checked out the Tina Kalivas site and your right i do love it ;)

Damn, looking at your pics is preparing me for London.
I'm having issues packing... by the looks of things i the essentials are wool, thermals and something very vey warm!

Keep safe

Nicole Then said...

cooL! congrats on the feature. loving your outfit too :) cute hat

Don't Be A Hero said...

I love it, you look so cool in both, I totally want the leather jacket

Anonymous said...

Are you in london?

Anonymous said...

aw happy birthday to your sister! you look soo fabulous!

La C.

Lisa said...


you LOOK amazing in anything + everything.
and this layering + winter style IS perfection.

love the leather details.. with the short skirt... plus those h&m-ers are PERFECT london weather.

oh my. i get jet-lag bad! it sticks with me for about a week, so i'm sure in a few days you will be sleeping through the night.

weather + missing fam + loved ones makes it all harder to adjust!

congrats on all the amazing features.
you deserve every last drop of it.
zanita = pure style.

try to get some sleep :)
e-mail coming asap on the new MAC ( lovvvvvvvvve, i am a convert )
how is the iphone?

okay i must e-mail.
sooooo long.


theresa said...

I love the bowler hat! this look is really chic :)

bi-style said...

The rainy London! You look great. You have to go to Camdon town, there are a lot of thrift stores. Enjoy the time in London.

Midnight traveller said...

I just love this. The whole London backdrop, the hat. It's like the stylish girl version of Oliver Twist. (That IS a compliment! Twisted but true). It's perfect in so many ways.
You just always get it right

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

this is one of the best looks i've seen you in, hodgepodge or no hodgepodge.
it's just... right.

love it.

Nina said...

looks perfect, i love the shoes? are they still in the shops?

Siska said...

wow I love your look!

MJ. said...

I'm sure you'll do great in your castings!!And you look great even in supercold weather!!
I'm going just for a week of vacation (just finished my exams!:P)
Hope it gets warmer as well...


Taylor said...

i love this! adorable :)

葛瑞塔.greta said...

oh, so gorgeous!
hope you can be all is well in london!

ZORI said...

London is such a beautiful city.
I love your leather jacket, I am trying to find one like this for a long time.


saray said...

I tagged you :)

Mel said...

so gorg! i love your look! good luck for the castings x

Kim said...

I love your blog! I have added it to my ''coolisch blogs'' :))

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