Face Works

Probably one of the dorkiest and amateur posts I've made yet and one which I am a bit hesitant to post - I had originally gathered references but have now decided not to post them because they basically just highlight how tremendously bad/blurry my photos are. I tried to do what I could with photoshop effects but alas... I am only using a Sony Cybershot and the focus always tends to be a little temperamental. Hopefully they are good for a chuckle anyway and if I'm lucky maybe some of you could be inspired to try a few subtle differences to your daily makeup stylings.

My favourite look, black eyeliner on bottom lid and rosy lips - filled in my brows (i love a dark brow!) and slightly contoured inside nose. Little bit of peachy blush but you can't really tell. Inspired by the make-up featured in Stella McCartney S/S 09.

Basic bright lips look and dark brow look. Wearing foundation over eyelids for a blanker canvas...but you can't really tell. Filled in brows. Tried to get the most matt look possible but probably needed more clear powder on my lips.

Black eye shadow under eyes only, light shimmer inside eye. Glossy lips which I've now decided looks not so great. Maybe nude lips would have been a better option. Maybe mascara too but I couldn't find it, I've taken most of my best make-up to London and I left it there.
I use some Mac make-up but most of my collection is a jumble of different things, the bright colours I own are all really cheap because chances are I'll only wear them once.
Skin tip: Lately Ive been using Vitamin E capsules as a a night serum and I find my skin always looks great when I wake up in the morning. Its a much cheaper alternative to other night creams - but probably is best for people who have dry skin... I can't even remember where I got the idea to use them but they are great to take on long flights to protect your skin from the awful dry air on the plane. I just apply about half a capsule to clean skin. Hope this can help all those ladies out there suffering through dry winter skin blues!


Love Heat

Well my little surprise over the weekend went really well - I flew all the way back to sydney (gotta love 24 hours transit) for a few days work this week. Best excuse to have a week of summer and spend time with my darling boyfriend - who was the one to get the surprise. My friends got him to the airport on the premise of picking up someone else and VOILA - it was really me! It was a pretty joyous moment, considering we were originally going to have to wait 3 months to be in each others presence again. I can't even describe how nice it feels to be back in the land of the light and sun.
A few simple things I've taken for granted and am very glad to be enjoying
  • wearing no shoes or socks
  • wearing no thermals
  • not having to carry gloves, hats and scarves
  • not being weighed down by masses of clothing
  • warm sunshine on my face
  • waking up at 6am and not sitting in darkness for 2 hours
  • sleeping with only a sheet
  • drinking really cold water
  • barbeques
  • summer dresses
  • not paying twice as much for everything! (damn you sterling)
  • waking up beside my boyfriend

shirt, vintage
pants, markets in Thailand
sunglasses, Le Specs
shoes, markets in Thailand

I've been meaning to write a rave about how much I love these looks from Paul and Joe for awhile but haven't gotten around to it. Its so hard to find such beautiful quality prints such a la the ones on these silky delights. Love Bambi and The Last Unicorn theme and I'm obsessed with metres of flowing fabric, so much drama. The black cape is amazing. I found a few places near where I'm living in London that have gigantic poncho cape style coats, thinking they are intended for plus size women but perfect for the style I'm looking for. Can't wait to post them! Another reason I'm glad to be home, I have a pair of black pants similar to the second picture and I'll be glad to drag them back to london. Inspired!
Apologies for the horrendous cropping.
(picture credit,

P.S. Took these snaps yesterday, posting them at 6am because I can't sleep - HATE jetlag!!


Repeat Performance

Looking a bit scary in above picture but definately had fun with the cool extension and dark makeup. This photo was taken from my shoot on Wednesday for Icon magazine. I got to wear loads of designer gowns and the pictures turned out great so I really can't wait to post them up when the issue comes out mid february. The shoot was held at Cliveden Estate which was certainly the most magical property I've ever encountered through my work.
Tried to take some nice outfit pictures today in the garden at the back of my house but the lighting really wasn't working and I froze my butt off. I wore the outfit out the night before (today i wore a tracksuit, not so sexy) and the tights were a total bargain at 3 pounds from the shepherds bush market. Love the ladder style. Obviously this is sans enormous coat, gloves, hat and scarf - more like the underlayer of my outfit. Sorry about the repeat performances on the jacket, skirt , shoes.... I really need some new ones but I haven't brought many pairs over to london (only two pairs of heels!!) so don't expect alot on the footwear front.

Ive been so neglectful of my blog of late! Its because I keep running out of daylight in london so damn early so I can't get any photos plus i've been exhausted - but don't worry - I've found a bit of a solution for next week but I cant reveal anything yet. Oh the suspense! Thanks for all your great comments of late, they have been a warm bit of cheer on these cold and rainy days trudging around London. Much love!

heels, melissa
laddered tights, Shepherds Bush Market
skirt, AA
shirt, COS
jacket, Dede Leather Fashion


Marble Arch

Finally managed some pictures outfit pictures, pretty simple outfit but a classic style all the same. Neutral top, leather jacket, jeans and black heels - I froze my butt off taking off my big brown coat but these pictures are pretty fun in the tourist location. My new friend and fellow Aussie Catelle took them for me after our go-see near Marble Arch, I've included a little pic of her and also the beautiful Nicole from New Zealand. Have been outrageously busy with running around but I've already made some new friends so I'm feeling very positive about being here now. I'm pretty excited at the moment because tomorrow I'm shooting an editorial with photographer Paul Farrell and I'm liking his work so it will be great to see the results.

ALSO Big Hello to Josh Van Gelder for whom I cast with today and was recognised through him stumbling across my blog. Its always amazing the reach these blogs get to... Josh if you are reading this - I loved our little chat and thankyou for your words of encouragement! Hope to run into you again soon.

Jacket, gift from Susie and Rach
shirt, H&M
jeans, Wrangler
heels, Mollini
chain, Vintage


Boy Time

Ever since my tomboy stage as a kid I've been into wearing boy clothing. This editorial in Muse by Karim Sadli featuring Kim Noorda is my inspiration for my next thrift store hunt. Currently needing, heavy chains and mens trousers...incidently I already have both these things in my wardrobe at home i just need them posted over to London town. Thinking of a new DIY, annihilated denim with pattern tights underneath...


Recent Workings

Few pics from current issue Cleo magazine editorial - I had to kiss this boy but they never used the pics, no wonder though, I felt so awkward! I haven't seen this yet because its not available to me in London but thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend Evan for scanning in these pictures for me.


Miss Daisy

Busy busy day today, castings early then called up to fill in as a replacement for another model who was sick at a shoot for Rankin. Quite exciting and alot of fun - its not too professional for me to spill details about this kind of thing but you can see by the picture that I ended up covered in a load of pink which I'm thinking was coloured pigment mixed with polenta. I'm pretty sure its going to be featured in a book coming out later in the year but I'm not even positive about that. Either way it was one of the more interesting and challenging shoots I've ever partaken in and I'm glad I was chosen to fill the part.

Also, this is a plaque thats over the door of my apartment where I'm residing for the week. How cool is that little bit of info?
Headed to Berlin tomorrow evening for a job and I've just finished checking the forecast... if I don't make any posts until Saturday its probably because I've lost the use of my fingers.
All this excitement I'm so tired - definitely going to get a good nights sleep tonight!


London Trekker

Todays outfit for a load of castings - looking like a tourist - basically all I can do is work with what I have. Considering I spent last year with summer in europe then summer in Australia my winter wardrobe is more a hotch potch of what I could scrouge together, like a conversion of my summer clothes with a few extra coats and tights here and there. The brown coat with the fur collar was a little something I found in a bag of clothing about to be disposed of in the lobby of my old apartment building. One womans trash is a another girls treasure! It doesnt really co-ordinate with most of my pieces but its really warm, wool and angora. Hopefully if can get enough work I can supplement my suitcase full of things with a few new items so my style can be a little more commendable.
A few things I do need to post about - the sensational Pony Ryder posted my little greeting a while ago and I forgot to post about it, so I've now got a link HERE.
Also - whowhatwear featured me as a Myspace Muse for december - see HERE so thanks to those lovely ladies who pointed that out to me!
Finally, Models1 have updated my profile on the website HERE - just for those who haven't already seen them. I get so tired of seeing the same pictures of myself all the time...

Sleep Rant: The last four nights have been tough for me as I'm still adjusting to the new timezone - I keep falling asleep early and waking at exactly 3am each night. Last night I thought I'd combat the problem by managing to stay awake until 10.30pm and I still woke at 3! It really is a mystery... perhaps there is a cheeky poltergeist in my room that doesnt like people to sleep after 3am! What ever it is its wreaking havoc on the productivity of my day - I've been really tired and thats why I haven't managed the inspiration to take decent photos for my blog.

Finally I'd to wish a big Happy Birthday to my little sister Chloe - I'm sorry I can't be with you sis!

hat, Vintage
brown fur collar coat, scrounged
leather jacket, gift from Susie and Rach
grey shirt, Mountain designs
skirt, American Apparel
tights x2, Target
boots, H&M
gloves, Zara
bag, Mimco


Lost Toes

I'm breathing a sigh of relief right now as I finally post a well overdue outfit picture - though it isn't even todays outfit and apologies for the poor quality. It's me hanging out in Tokyo airport while I was walking around killing time. Thankfully it wasn't all that chilly in Tokyo, maybe 8 degrees... unlike london which feels like about minus 45 (thinking its a bit warmer than that). I had a restless nights sleep from all the flying and the changing of timezones and ended up journeying to Oxford Circus by 9am on account of being wide awake at a ridiculous hour of the morning. I had a few errands to run, getting a sim for my new Iphone (yay!) and aquiring some warmer leather gloves and some thermal socks. The pleasant surprise for the day was my old flatmate and one of my best friends arrived in town from his months of globetrotting and I got to hang with familiar face and have a bit of a pub crawl. I wore rubber heeled boots and long socks and somehow didnt manage to feel my toes again for about eight hours. It boggles my mind how people cope with the chill - I saw a girl at the bus stop this morning wearing ballet flats and no socks! I would sure lose toes if i tried to pull a stunt like that... theres only so far I'm willing to go for fashion (it's still pretty far).
The leather jacket pictured was a gift from my close friends Susie and Rachel (see pics in further back) and I'm completely obsessed with it so it will be featuring plenty more in upcoming posts.

leather jacket, Dede
knitted beret, handmade
scarf, Industrie
singlet, target
fingerless gloves, target
jeans, customise Zimmerman
boots, H&M
bag, Mimco


Tokyo Airport

Probably not the most exciting pictures I could post up but at this stage its the best I could do, some old pictures from my last trip to Japan exactly one year ago. The reason I havent been able to post any of my more recent - the exchange rate is half of what it was when i was here last and it was going to cost $40 for one evening of internet in my hotel room. No thanks! So sincere apologies for my lack of postage, running around doing last minute things for my trip has taken up all my time and inspiration. Im disappointed I didnt get to showcase the last of my summer wardrobe before I endure the entire year of cold weather but tough cookies.
So right now Im in Tokyo airport on a dodgy net cafe PC (urgh, im such a Mac girl) and awaiting my 12 hour flight to London. Looks like I might be bumping around a bit before settling, perhaps a trip to germany will be on the cards? Anyway - Im still hanging out for a good blog session so I can catch up with all my favourite bloggers. I miss you!
Note on photos: The first pic is me in Akihabara, the electronics district of Tokyo - unbelievable place, couldnt use a better way to describe it other than totally electric and a feast for the senses. Must be seen to be believed.
The second is taken on the subway, I took this photo at eye level for myself. Stand out much?
I love Japan so much! It feels so great to be here even just for the briefest of encounters, the food, the people, the culture - Ill be back again no doubt.

beanie, 100 Yen shop (haha!)


Need Want

I've haven't done much shopping recently on account of my pending journey to the otherside of the world and the desperate need for extra funds - that doesnt mean I haven't done a whole load of window shopping. The constant search for the perfect Maxi dress in the right length carries forth daily, and here are a few inspirations I've gathered illustrating that long and lean look I'm into.

I'm in love with Richard Nicoll and Josh Goot's big doses of colour which is perhaps a little hypocritical of me since I'd certainly love any of these items of clothing to come in black - also Jasmine Di Milo's long and soft tailoring is perfection.
All brilliant, sophisticated and elegantly comfortable - heap on the flowing fabrics!!


The Neglect

Many apologies for my lack of posting over the last week, I forgot to automate any posts for the trip home from Esperance to Sydney. It was an enormous drive, 33hrs over 3 days - but some incredible scenery.

Great to be back in Sydney but I'm really sticking my head down, preparing for London next week. I can't believe its so close! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit terrified, I always seem to get crazy anxiety when I'm about to have a big trip overseas, like I'm going to fall off the face of the earth on arrival or something. Lucky I have my boyfriend to sooth my nerves and keep me calm. I don't really know what to expect but I may not have as much time to make blog posts every day, perhaps the place I'm staying wont have the internet and I'll have to find cafes to check my emails and blog. I'll be really disappointed if I can't maintain as much I'd like to, especially because I need to keep up with all my friends blogs like a fix!

These are some pics I took yesterday (very posey sorry, occupational hazard ahah!) as I was leaving the apartment on the way to the White Party at Luna Park. The theme was hippy chic. I would say the crown was a bit much but people at this party always go well overboard in the dressing up stakes so more is definately more in this case. Gotta love dress up parties!
The shirt is a large mens shirt which I've customised by chopping it up and tying some knots. It was a pity I didn't have any beads to put on it.... The jeans are custom dyed and the crown is the second belt I have, the first being the bronze one both have been featured earlier on my blog.

Happy new year to everyone! Hope you had a glorious one, and enjoy the promise of good things in the year ahead. What resolutions has everyone made? Mine is to improve my self confidence. Confidence can get you anywhere!

shirt, Lowes
jeans, Zimmerman
heels, Mollini
belt (worn as crown), Shakuhachi
bag, Turkish Markets
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