Yellow Games

Sorry for the no post yesterday, I was out of town on a job and like a fool completely forgot to bring my camera. Last night the team at my shoot had a great big christmas feast with ham and turkey and stuffing and pavlova. We even drank wine and popped christmas bon bons, thus the crown in shot is my little souvenir from festivities. We ended up finishing up and coming home a little earlier than anticipated so I had some time at home for a bit of styling fun.
This look is inspired by bananas and lemons, two very fabulous fruits.

yellow jacket, vintage
yellow skirt, H&M
yellow tee, courtesy of Fuzzy Productions
yellow heels, Zoom
golden crown, Bon Bon


Alicia said...

Ahaha this looks like so much fun! I absolutely cannot wear yellow on my skintone, but you wear it so well!
Great shots! xx

Lady Melbourne said...

You look radiant, positively glowing!

AlicePleasance said...

Yellow is a fantastic color and it really suits you :-) I adore the second and the fourth pictures!

Sunshine said...

You look lovely!
A little ray of light!

deep_in_vogue said...

absolutely gorgeous! you're like a ray of sunshine

shimu's holiday said...

you having so much fun!!!!
the fun that you have make everything beautiful. i believe in inner beauty.

i have a big smile seeing your photos.

Pan's Holiday

Don't Be A Hero said...

fantastic, sounds like you had a lovely early christmas

I think you are pretty much the only one who could pull off that color, I'm so jealous! you look fab dear

Goldie Locks said...

Such cute pictures! Nice to see a quirky side of you :)

frncs said...

these photos made me smile out loud! x

Maria C said...

Mellow yellow!
Loves it :)

amelia_styledownunder said...

yummy outfit! and you're so lucky that yellow suits you! xx

She's Dressing Up said...

You look perfect in yellow - such a cheerful look =]!

Lisa said...

ah just got your mail.

mellow yellow!

you are so sweet & beautiful that it is crazy.
for reals.

i love those crackers.
christmas memories...


Alexander Hollander said...


Fashion Tidbits said...

yummy! very cheery and bright

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