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Alot of my modelling work is done with clients from all over the world and in most of these cases I never get to see the fruits of my labor. It's particularly hard to follow up work with clients from Asia because its tough to google them. I never remember the names of production companies and that kind of thing. If anyone has seen a Korean yoghurt commercial where A wife is looking for her husband 'bob' and finds him cheating with a cartoon yoghurt mistress (you'd understand if you've seen it) then please let me know!
My last days in Hamburg this year I snapped a few pics of myself in shop windows, mostly for the benefit of my Mum - who misses out on most happenings in my life. I miss you Mum!

Also here's a some shots of a campaign I did in Sydney, but never go to see because I was overseas!

Sorry about the bad quality!

Two more sleeps until Christmas!


Alyssa said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now.
Your pictures are beautiful.
It must be so surreal to see yourself in a store.

Anonymous said...

I really, really love the first picture. SO beautiful!


Shini said...

wow amazing, you're the it gal, so everywhere! :D Can't wait to see your face somewhere in London! Korean equivalent of google is http://www.naver.com, maybe if you remember the name of the yoghurt (or youtube) I can help you find it? :P

Amplified said...

You are so gorgeous Zanita. i'm sooo envious of your loooong legs. Maybe one day i'll see you on a bus stop poster in singapore, eh?

maggie said...

you are so gorgeous! perhaps i'll see you somewhere on the busy streets of chicago! :D

Petra said...

Amazing! What a surreal experience that must be, seeing a massive picture of your face on a store wall or window! You look beautiful, as usual. You have such a unique beauty.

Ahh only 2 sleeps!! Most bloggers are in the northern hemisphere, so its great to hear the same countdown that i'm experienceing :)

Hope you are well x

Anonymous said...

I imagine it would be disapointing to not see alot of your work, but i'm sure the thrill of spotting yourself in a store window would be priceless. Merry Christmas xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, those ads (Zero and Bio) are definitely German - so you will soon be famous around here? Unfortunately I have never seen your ads, but I will keep looking out for you. You must be the perfect German type ^^ hehe

Have a merry christmas, enjoy the holidays!

saray said...

you are stuning!
I think you and blake lively look alike

Evilish said...


Innocent-ish said...

woww..you're everywhere!!
i'll help looking for you here!
will let you know if i found one.

Pan's Holiday

Susanna-Cole said...

Hey, just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy holiday season with this card I made for you, I can’t attach it, so here’s the link:



Lisa said...


i could not even imagine my face that big - i would run in the opposite direction !!!

BUT look at you.
you always look so peaceful & pretty!
these are too amazing.

you are the biggest sweetheart ever.
your comment came up as anon. so when i saw it was you i got all smiles!

i hope you are soaking up every minute with your family.
i know how precious family time is :)

enjoy the sun + beaches for me.


LJ said...

you're all over Hamburg! Brilliant :)
xx-LJ from SOS!

Maria C said...

Did the shop assistant recognise you in the sotre?

Pixienish said...

OMG, you mustve felt so excited looking at these for the first time! Well maybe not that exited, this being your job and all. And you do your job well! Beautiful photos. :)

Liz CS C said...

You're also in the current Star City magazine...unless there's another blonde Zanita out there!

Fashion Tidbits said...

:) it must be really weird and cool to see yourself in huge pics like that

jesschow said...

Hey! USYD bus stops!

Looking lovely as always. Keep it up :)


Hippy Chic said...

whoa I can't even imagine, that would be soo cool! I get excited just seeing pics of me on Ebay (modeling)


Have a super Thursday !!

Bombchell said...

aww so pretty

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