Market Day

Slightly wishing I slept in today instead of getting up for the markets, considering there was some kind of blunder when we arrived to set up and we had to wait for an hour before even getting a patch of schoolyard on which to set up the wares. We got the unlucky position located right next to the stenchy toilets and in the heat...Can't say I was really baiting in the customers. I've now learnt that having a market is alot like fishing, seems I didn't have a good enough lure to make a decent profit - i couldn't really bring myself to charge anyone more than 3 dollars for an item so I didn't enough make enough money to cover the copious amounts of delicious market food i ate... turkish gozleme, hungarian donuts, fresh lemonade....
Anyway most of the afternoon involved playing dress-ups with my friends. My friend Juno looked so good in my navy coat that I couldn't bare to put in back on the rack... in fact maybe I still need it myself.... We also managed to coerce Cian into wearing a skirt around the markets to harass his girlfriend. Good times.
Now I'm into my lazy Saturday afternoon sitting on my balcony watching the sunset over the city with champagne and card games - such a long hot day I think I deserve it!


Anonymous said...

Maaaa that long navy coat is rather yum! Looks like a rather fun day of dressing up, what a treasure trove :)
Have a wonderful weekend...
Much Love
p.s and those checkerboard multi coloured trousers, love<3love!

cleo said...

how i wish to have a market like that..or how i wish to be there:)

Serafina said...

Wow, that little vest looks great on you! Can you tell me where this market is? Pretty please? :)

babybath said...

I was there around 1pm. Its was hot and sweaty. I didn't ventured out to the back. I was wondering where you were =p

leeselooks said...


ah. i would of paid more than 3 dollars for your wares!!!
navy trench = you need it.

i love your gold-sparklers.
keds with a flare.
loves. so unique and different.
you are always such a stunner.
such NATURAL beauty.
and a BEAUTIFUL heart!!!

you must come visit your relatives here sometime ...during winter ;) he he.
tonight lows of -32. no joke.
i am staying inside. eating copious amounts of hot food and drinking tea & hot drinks all night.

i have not even done any physical activity for weeks! oh my. except fpr walking in the airport super fast!
i can't find spinning here. so i might look into bikram! you must GO!

have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


ps- i have a fun idea? will e-mail you asap!

Fashion Tidbits said...

ooh i like that tie-dyed vest!

style-magnet said...

I wish we had markets like that here! Looks like so much fun. I wanna go shopping with youuuu!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

hey love your blog stunner! tagged you on my page (i think?) haha look forward to seeing more! i used to live in syd in centennial park...i miss my paddington and bondi markets!!! :( tear. x

Allie said...

It still looks like you had a fun day :)

fashionslacker said...

i wish i had a market like that in my city.

maggie said...

I wish we had nice market places like that! Where is this? and i really like that navy coat :| haha.

Anonymous said...

why must you look good in everything?? haha

- Robbin

Raver Ria said...

Oh darn, i was looking forward to checking out your stall, but i couldnt make it :(

That sucks how you were relegated near the dunnies. Not cool when stuff ups happen!

Zanita said...

Hey ladies - these markets are in Glebe
And babybath - im so sorry i missed you!

rach said...

Oh wow! I've been to Glebe markets before! :)

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