Fierce Winds

Trying to take pictures using a timer on a windy rooftop is no mean feat. While trying to snap these few shots I managed about ten with my underwear in full frontal view and five or so with hair directly in the air (in a completely bizarre way) and another ten of the sky (the camera kept blowing off the stool).
These little poses are my 'if you can't beat it, join it' looks. Go with the wind! Is it just me or does that first picture remind anyone else of Bono?

(photo, flickr)

Another simple ensemble which I wore to a casting yesterday. The t-shirt is made from the best material ever, soft and washes brilliantly. I bought it in Harajuku from NY Pop Culture Project, where they had all these great tees with contemporary artworks on them and even some by Terry Richardson. I live in t-shirts at home... I think I own about 40 of them.

tee, NY Pop Culture Project
skirt, American Apparel
boots, H&M


Midnight traveller said...

Those glasses do have a bono shadow! He isn't half as cool as you though :-P
I love the skirt!

Fashion Tidbits said...

nothing wrong with a good ol' t-shirt

Shini said...

gotta love the wind, it just gave you look & photos a step more of dynamic feel to it :D those boots are something!

Miss Urbanita said...

Amazing look! Love your sunglasses. Kisses ;)

Jenjen said...

You are in one of fer pictures as the days most stylish person. :)


Love love love your sunglasses. What are they/where did you score them? x

Swank Heights said...

is that your rooftop? it's so fun!

shimu's holiday said...

love this look so much , that versatile skirt and the tees. comfy and cool. also it won't work this well without that cooll sunglasses!!

Pan's Holiday

The Stylish Wanderer said...

these are amazing windy pictures I love that skirt and your boots.

YOU are gorgeous!

alyssa said...

those boots are awesome. and i love the skirt! the shape is so adorable.

Pixienish said...

Omg that first photo is so rockstar! However lame that sounds, HAHA. & i love the shirt + skirt together. Makes everything a little more casual :)

Maria C said...

I really like the outfit, it looks so comfortable. i especially love your poses! i hope your casting went well :)

Susanna-Cole said...

You style is so superb it nearly kills me! (Well not quite, but close to that!) Love all your esembles, your looks are so impeccable! <3


slackstation said...

never would have thought of Bono for the first shot but, now that you mention it, yeah, it does look like him. Strange.

Also, boots. Never understood their appeal beyond their usefulness, never got how they became fashion in the 90's and how they are fashion again.

Anonymous said...



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