DIY Tee/Vest

This is a really simple DIY I did watching TV this morning, just cut the sleeves off this tee, slice down the middle and studding either side to make a studded vest.
Styled with a bit of Alexander Wang influence. After I took this photo I replaced the white tee with a white singlet because its a become a really hot day.

DIY tee, Cotton On
white tee, Country Road
denim shorts, Just Jeans
headband, supre


life . style . dissected said...

sweet z,
so glad to see your site up and running again. i love how the "vest" turned out. it's inside out right?

i need to get to work on some DIY myself.

stay cool!

On Track said...

Another fantastic outfit, you definitely have the skill of turning and ordinary peice of clothing into something very very cool :D

Huong said...

i'm so going to try this! Thanks for the tip!

Caroline said...

that studed vest is brilliant!

Aiwei said...

hehey! i saw ur on the cover or Cosmo (maybe) bride's cover!

Maria C said...

That is really crafty! Top stuff :)
I hope your feeling better, being sick is the worst.
Hey.. where did you purchase your Kabuki brush? I have been trying to search for a good one.

KATLIN said...

Cute!! Such an easy and great idea!

Lisa said...

diy queen.

we need to get together...cross the ocean and have diy parties.

yes yes!

"wangster" for reals.
you should of been walking the runway...


helen said...

so easy, but it turned out great!

shimu's holiday said...

cute cute cute!!!
a great diy

Pan's Holiday

heleen db said...

I think I might give this a try too!

S.A.A. said...

Hey I was just wondering where you got your studs from cause I've been looking for them everywhere!! Thanks xoxo

Click Here