Disco Stylo

Automated post, outfit that I've worn once before, out to a club. Obviously Im not wearing it today - I don't think people appreciated bright purple spray on zipper pants in my home town as much as they would in Sydney. I love wearing bright colours, not many people do and claim they 'can't pull it off'. I say you can wear anything you like as long as you are feeling confident. Fashion should be about taking risks.
I think my New Years resolution might be just that, 'take more risks'.

pants, Jessie Hill
batwing sleeve top, Sportsgirl
shoes, Mollini


Anonymous said...

its so nice of you to organise automated posts while you're away

and you look gorgeous as always

Petra said...

Gorgeous pants! They are so amazing, I have never seen anything like them. I love it how you wear a lot of different colours. It so interesting and inspiring.

Hope you're having a fun sunday xx

Don't Be A Hero said...

totally bitchin, I think that's on my new years resolution list too

Hot Bot said...

I should do the automated stuff. Great idea while you're away.

Emma B. said...

Gorgeous pant, I must say. Purple is an unusual colour to wear nowadays! Lovelovelove it!

NINA said...

The whole look is just awesome!

Nicole Then said...

ooh! love the pants :) I've got a question, do you lead a very healthy lifestyle to stay toned as a model?

you take gorgeous pics btw

Lisa said...

LOVE the purple- eaters!

those pants are gorgeous on you.

i like the new years resolution.
i agree.

fashion is about expressing ourselves as individuals, and since we all differ we are allowed to wear whatever we feel like!!!

i hope you are having the more GLORIOUS time with yout beautiful family.


bittersweet life said...

looks great with the black top

cleo said...

love it:)
i and my boyfriend thinking to move australia in next years:)
can you tell me some about there??

stylemagnet said...

I love the pants!

Siska said...

love those look!

Maria C said...

I love it! You can rock a brown paper bag and still look stunning ;)

meghan said...

I aggree!rsi

Aly said...

you do simple so well. i love this.

slackstation said...

Lovely. It's much easier to take risks when you have a great body. Actually scratch that, it isn't true. How people see you and how you see yourself are different. A girl can be gorgeous and still think that the world sees her as ugly.

Well, here's to taking the risk and it's reward be it decadently tight purple pants or (for one of my fashionably challenged friends) a simple party dress.

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