The Destination

After four days of solid driving last night I finally arrived at my destination, my hometown of Esperance. Unfortunately I haven't managed to post any nice new outfit photos yet especially since while crossing the Nullabor I just wore boxer shorts and a tee (37 degrees C) and my parents internet/computer takes about 15 minutes to load a page - making checking comments an extremely time consuming and frustating task. I'm going to try and get a chance to get into town and use a library so I can reply and give a little more attention to my friends and readers who most thankfully haven't lost interest in what I have to share.

This is a photo my boyfriend took while we were crossing the Nullarbor, at one of the lookouts along the way. For those not familiar the Nullarbor is a vast treeless plain/desert extending along the south coast of Australia along the Great Australian Bight. The coastline is brutally rugged and completely stunning.

Thanks to everyone so much for sticking around and I hope you are all enjoying a well deserved Christmas break!


elizabeth said...

ahhhh, you're from geraldton! yeah, i live in perth. i visited geraldton earlier in the year, there was some beautiful scenery. but WA can be a bit of a fashion hole a lot of the time, you can feel overdressed if you wear anything other than jeans in the suburbs. hahaa
btw, it was really nice of you to do automated posts while you were travelling across the nullabor.

Olivia said...

Hi Zanita,

Writing from London, where it is cold and dreary so looking at home pics of WA is such a treat! Hope you enjoyed the drive to Esperence, long but the scenery is all worth it!

You're post is great, can't remember how I came across it - but now its a daily read!

Enjoy the hot weather and Christmas!


Hot Bot said...

Unbelievable! Have a great holiday at home :)

AlicePleasance said... beautiful place! Have a great and warm (in every sense!) Christmas :-)

Lisa said...

i missss the beach.

happy holidays beautiful !!!


Susanna-Cole said...

Wow that picture is stunning, I really want to go to Australia some day! Hope you have a great holiday break, and also wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog! <3


Maria C said...


Fashion Tidbits said...

it's gorgeous!!!!!!

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