Bronzo Fonzo

I havent got any special outfit to post today, this morning I just went to the gym and then this afternoon has been absorbed by my compulsory spray tan for next weeks job. I just got home and and scoped the damage in the mirror and burst into hysterics at my very orange self. I went out outside so I could take a picture and share the fun but looking at the photo the colour of the tan isn't really that hilarious... But I've obviously posted the picture anyway, a new skin colour albeit a temporary one can always be a point of interest and I'm wearing my favourite red scrunchie (bring back scrunchies!) so you can all enjoy that too. I'm also wearing my token concerned face, which partly stems from being sensitive to glare and my daggy tracksuit pants and singlet from Cream, I'm not going to risk anything good - the tan stains and smellifys everything it touches.
I read once that fake tans slowly put toxins into your blood... this certainly makes it a occupational hazard for me, but I cant do the 'real' tan thing in a Australia because the UV index is ridiculous! An example, In Thailand I can lay for an hour in the full summer sun and get a nice little bronzed shadow - if I did this in Australia I would be hospitalised for burns - no joke! Its a tough land for the pasty folks down here.
So this leaves me asking the question - to fake tan or not too fake tan? Does being bronzy mean you create a greater impact when strolling (strutting!) into a room? Should I be faking it more frequently, much to my boyfriends disgust?
Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Lara&Emmy said...

most fake tans are pretty gross, but i like that holiday skin one, it doesnt look so orange. your tan doesnt seem so bad either!

Stompface said...

ohh.. to fake tan or not to..
well what I do, every week, I put the lightest amount of fake tan moisturiser on, just too look normal (I am ridiculously pale otherwise). I had no idea bout the toxins thing. damnit I thought I was being healthy!!

Yeahhh you dont' look real orange in the picture, you just look nicely brown..

but yeah you can get so burnt in aus when you try to properly tan.

I will sign your bring back scrunchies petition. I wish I still had my childhood ones!

STARR said...

As long as you're not doing tanning beds! You still look gorgeous though <3
p.s. tagged you.

Alicia said...

I have had a fake tan once, just to see what it was like. I found that at first I looked RIDICULOUS but once I washed that first coat of colour off 8 hours later (I stayed awake til 2am just so I could have a shower as soon as possible!!) it actually looked quite fresh and natural!
It was really fun to be the same colour as normal people for a few days, but I think I'm finally acccepting that I'll always be pale, so I doubt I'll get a fake tan again.

AlicePleasance said...

I'm really pale (people often call me Snow White...). I can lay hours in the sun not burning...yet I can't get a tan! I know, it's crazy but I stay pale...last summer I went to the beach every day for 8 days and after all that people still asked me "why don't you go to beach and get a little tan?" So sad! I don't use fake tan, but I tried holiday skin moisture, like Dove and it's not too bad.

stylemagnet said...

Aw, I miss scrunchies! I don't have any anymore ... boooo.

And I have a fake tan story! When I was a junior in high school, I was in our school's production of South Pacific. The director wanted it to be as authentic as possible, so she made us all go tanning or use spray or lotion. I am SO FAIR so I just ended up looking crazyorange.

What's next week's job, may I ask?

Fleurr De Lux said...

When I went to Australia I expected everyone to be walking around with the tops of their ears lopped off because of the UV! I swear you Aussies can get tan just by looking outside!
I can't stand fake tan because of the smell. And it orangifies all my white clothes! But it's better than being wrinkley I guess!
xo L

Anonymous said...

your tan isn't bad at all!

you still look gorgeous :)


Fashion Tidbits said...

i have no idea. i've never fake tanned in my life, i just stand like 10 mins out in the sun and i get black as crisp. it's so frustrating. but you look really gorgeous in the picture though :)

Boubou said...

Zanita you're so pretty and i really like youre blog : its romantic feminine and everything i like !
Ill be back for sure ;)
A bientot !

PUG and PIPS said...

I have a similar complection to you and I used to wear fake tan and go to the solarium back when I was a foolish 18 year old(5 years ago).
Now that I'm older I've learnt to embrace my natural skin tone.
Holiday skin moisturiser is not so bad though...I use that in summer :)

amelia_styledownunder said...

you look lovely with a tan, but you have such nice skin naturally i wouldn't bother with fake-tans too much! xx

Martine said...

you look adorable sweetie. But I do prefer your natural self ;)

come by my blog, I'll whip up some pancakes or something^^

nepalese_princess said...

Tanning is a NO NO; real or fake. Nothing wrong with the colour as some brown people have that shade but the very orange is ridiculous. Either way, its terrible for your the health of your skin.
A model wants longevity, right?

--i guess it's alright for a one time job thing but don't get used to it!!! otherwise, you'll start hating your natural colour and your skin will go downhill from there.

Maria C said...

Aloha missy.
You should try and use Carrot Oil... you can grab them at health food stores. Because it's natural it has just as much UVB/UVA protection (if not more), and it doesnt streak like crappy fake tans.... wack it on and sit in the sun for about 20 minutes... see how you go.

Milk It Honey said...

so pretty. kinda 90's looking. love it.

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