Walk Off


This is me walking around today in Marrickville, heading back home to pick up a bikini which I need for my next casting. A very large chunk of my life has been spent trekking between castings, lugging my portfolio and all this walking is a large part of any models daily exercise regime. Clients usually pick girls from an agency they want to see, which is called 'request casting' and these are the best because they don't take very long as there isn't usually long lines of models. Sometimes a client will request almost all the models at an agency...then it takes hours of waiting! Lately in sydney I've been having one or two a day (non-work days) but today I've got four, which is great - except that 3 of them are on at exactly the same time! There's really nothing I can do, Im bound to be late but a lot of clients expect this. Models are ALWAYS late.

knit shirt, H&M
shorts, Just Jeans
shoes, Sojo at Zomp
bag, Pink
cuff, Tiffanys
sunglasses, Le Specs

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I am Dane. said...

You are gorgeous. So you are a model huh, nice work!

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