Test Shoots

One of the most important things you need when first starting to model is a portfolio with some images in it and the way you get these is by doing test shoots. A test with a good photographer and makeup artist can sometimes be expensive but it usually pays off in pretty good time. In places like London, New York etc you don't really have to pay for a good test, the model gets photos in exchange for her/his time with the photographer. Most free tests I've done have produced nice photos but for them to put into my portfolio they need to be really really good - its better to have only 2 great shots in a portfolio than 2 great ones and 10 average ones. This is a photo from a test I did recently, I haven't taken it into my agency yet so I'm not sure if they'll want it in my portfolio, but I thought would be interesting for my blog. The pose is a little contrived but I love the dreamy colours and the bleach style denim jacket. Photobucket


Fashionista* said...

cute picture
you really are adorable
i saw you on pony rydern you pictures there are great

Don't Be A Hero said...

so absolutely bitchin

just be sure to remember us here bloggers when you become that uber famous model I know you'll be :D

Fashion Is Poison said...

duh. you ARE a model! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. need i say more? ooo i found a new fav!

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