Recent Work


So here I've included a few shots from some recent work I did for Instyle Australia. The location was Hill End which is about an hour from Bathurst, NSW, and during the gold rush was one of the largest towns in Australia but now there is about 50 people living there. We had big weather issues and ended up having to drive there from sydney twice in four days, totalling 16 hours of driving! Still the trip was still loads of fun, great team and gorgeous clothes, I always love doing trips away. I was really happy with how these shots turned out, as any model will tell you, a good editorial can do amazing things for your career.
Photographer, Grant Matthews
Stylist, Judith Cook


ryder said...

i have absolutely nothing to say. you are a perfect face for ralph lauren! i mean u look like filipa and valentina and the third girl i can never remeber the name.
greta editorial!
super photogenic!

Zanita said...

oh thanks! But i think an editorial can only be as good as the photographer.
Do you mean Tanya D?
You just made my day, Ralph Lauren is my dream campaign!

vogue said...

one of our mags too! my friend works on this one! i loved this editorial i can believe judith achieved this amazing look with such casual cheap clothing, when i first saw it i was amazed! you look beautiful also :)

Veronicahhh said...

wow LOVE the eyebrows. so camilla belle, really brings out your eyes

♥ fashion chalet said...

I know a lot of people probably ask you this, but how does one get into modeling? I adore the art behind it all. :)



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