Race Day


Today I'm doing a couple parades for Melbourne Cup functions. Its a bit cooler today so the swing coat is a good option, I dont like to get too dressed up when Im working because taking your clothes on and off when wearing fiddly outfits with accessories can be a real pain. One of the annoying things about my job today is I have to do my own hair, and usually by the time I arrive at my destination its all messed up and starting to go curly/wavy again. I love doing parades though, because its a great chance to catch up with all my other model friends and there is always an invite to the little party that happens post event. Looking forward to some champagne and canapes! Please excuse my puffy face... I haven't quite woken up yet.

red silk dress, Country Road
black tee, Dotti
wool swing coat, vintage
patent booties, Mollini
bag, Pink


Lisa said...


hope you had a wonderful day at the races.
love the pop of the red skirt.
those black booties.

your comment was the sweetest!
thank you heaps and heaps.

hehe. OH MY!!!! no model here. at all. i think they retire at my age ? You are far too kind for thinking so.

* oh yes i would love some new music inspiration!!! That would be such a treat. Thank you.

hope you're having a lovely day girl.


thanks again.

Zanita said...

My race day was fine, except the catwalk we had to do snaked around this huge restaurant with loads of rooms and the patrons had to redirect us! One model even walked into the kitchen! So funny. Plenty of free champagne afterwards, a good afternoon.
Models dont retire at your age babe they just start embellishing the truth! You could pass for 17, 18 sooo easily. Even this big names lies about their age... i know a certain up coming model who is 3 years older than the industry thinks she is... and look at agnes! Shes 25.
Have you heard much Hercules and Love Affair? They are very fashion. Also, Band of Horses, She Wants Revenge, Cold War Kids, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Angus and Julia Stone, Lovage are all so great. Preview them on Myspace music is best. Got any music tips for me? I can give you loads more but i dont want to overload you!
Keep up these great pics babe

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