Pool Mania

So my Saturday escapades began with a sojourn to the new pool at the Ivy in the city. Such a glam location! Perhaps I wasn't properly attired for a pool function (with my safari inspiration!) but the rest of the night took to me to darling harbour, then oxford st, then kings cross - so i was more than happy with my choice of dress. It drizzled all afternoon so I ended for with curly frizz as a hairstyle. 

leopard print dress (possibly a nightie), vintage
jacket, Shakuhachi
shoes, Martinique for Palm Beach shoes

Again I have to feature the stunning Susie, wearing this vintage Kimono and black body con dress. So sexy!


Fashionistadiary said...

really nice blog! some cool posts you have put up :) looks like you are having some nice weather out it nsw, flying back home to sydney in 4 weeks, so excited, i cant wait xo

Stompface said...

Hooray for boozy weekends. That pool you are at looks awesome.
Love the safari inspired outfit, I could never think of something cool like that. And Susie is very inspirational indeed.

Petra said...

You are completely stunning! So glad you commented mine, as I have now read through your whole blog...

Gorgeous style, you have me inspired beyond belief. I;d love to trade links, I have added you to my link list '

AlicePleasance said...

I'll second Petra, you look stunning!

stylemagnet said...

So effortless! Yummm.

anya said...

You look lovely, very effortless and chic!

Ms Unreliable said...

Why does my frizzy rain hair always look like a disaster, and yours looks glam?! V. envious!

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