the polaroids

So I woke up this morning to find a comment from Pony Ryder requesting a put up some polaroids on my blog. They aren't the most interesting polaroids because I didnt use my polaroid camera - which always gives them that dreamy quality. I haven't had any taken in the last month so I've cheated a little and taken some from about three months ago that I had still in my outbox of my email. My mum actually took these for me at our home in WA. Thanks mum!
I might email my agency in London and see if they'll send me the polaroids they took of me whilst I was there last since they are much cooler looking. A few people have asked me my height and just to clarify I'm actually 5'11. 



She's Dressing Up said...

You look gorgeous in these, I love the gloves!
You are 8 inches taller than me then =]

ryder said...

they are coll (but i still prefer to see london ones, but if not, these are good as well). i really like your fresh look.


these are gorgeous! u are so lucky u are 5"11!!!!!

Lisa said...


ah. true natural beauty.

gorgeous gal.

i always LOVE seeing model polaroids.
some of my favorite shots.
they are so candid.

hope you are well.


hanna said...

you are beautiful and this outfit is so chic!!! youre so lucky to be living in sydney. my sister used to study in UNSW and it was such a pain whenever i had to leave after visiting her...

ps. thanks for tagging us.


its so refreshing to an australian with such a world class blog, i have only discovered your blog today and i love your style and your look is amazing. at times you remind me of gemma ward, but you are all together different at the same time. anyway i will continue to visit your site regularly, keep on inspiring! by the way we have linked you, hope thats ok? Annie x

Igor+andré said...

yay! i like theses alot!
very very nice.

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