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So I was tagged by the fabulous Bettina to list six unimportant things that I like.
The rules: 
1. Mention the person who tagged you
2. Make a list of 6 unimportant things you like
3. Tag 5 other blogs and notify them with a comment

1. Sunglasses.
 I think a huge part of why I love sunglasses is that my eyes are very sensitive to bright daylight. I wear sunglasses everyday but never buy anything other than vintage or inexpensive pairs because I lose them all the time, this year I've lost about 6 pairs already. I once had a great pair of Costume National sunglasses but I was so scared to lose them I never wore them. Needless to say, they went out of style and so I gave them to my mum.
2. YSL Touche Eclat.
 I think most fashionistas and beauty buffs will already understand the merits of using this product. The only other point I can add is that almost every make-up artist I've ever worked with uses it too, and believe me, there has been ALOT of them.
3. Edamame beans
Aka young soy beans, love their salty flavour and that little method you use to get the beans out of the pod, they make for great TV munchies. 
4. Saunas/Steam Rooms. 
In the gym I go to its not compulsory to get in the nude (im such a prude) so I love sitting in the heat after a workout. Whenever I go my skin glows for the next few days from all the cleansing. Very helpful for castings to have a nice complexion so I try to make regular visits.
5. My Ipod.
I probably should have put this at number one considering I have an unhealthy passion for my little black precious. At the moment I have 5000 songs on it but im always searching for more. If I ever lost it would feel like I lost a part of myself.
6. Style.com
My one-stop shop every show season, my boyfriend hates it because he says it take up way too much of my time but there nothing that will stop me from poring over the new uploaded shows everyday...And then comes all the editorials with the new designs and girls. AMAZING.

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